Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cinque Terre

Oh, Cinque Terre. This place is just magical. I went here through a suggestion of a friend. And I'm so glad I followed her advice and went. Such a beautiful corner of this great big world. We stayed in the town of Corniglia, but we did go visit the other towns as well. If you need more of a relaxing time in Italy, Cinque Terre is it. 
Town of Manarola. Stunning and a bit surreal.  

 I just loved the colorfulness of the city, even small details like colored doors. 

Since Cinque Terre is such a small town, there are no museums, just small local churches with simple details. 

This was a cute little wine bar with a charming view. P.S. All the wine is local and amazing. 

Fun little walk from the train station to the town. Just 300 something steps up. No biggie! haha! 

 The deep blue water of the town of Vernazza.

We stayed in an apartment right across a gelato shop. I had gelato for breakfast, lunch and dinner and had no shame!  

Town of Corniglia. By far my favorite town. Corniglia stole my heart. It's the smallest and quietest of all five. But in my opinion, the most charming and magical of all. I would not hesitate in staying here again. The people, the food, and the view were perfection. 

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