Thursday, October 9, 2014


It's been a few weeks since I've been back from Italy. But I wanted to share some of our highlights from Florence. And can I just tell you, Florence is magical. It was one of my favorite cities in Italy. The food, the architecture, and the people are just lovely.

 The Duomo in Florence is just stunning!

 And of course you can't go to Florence without visiting the Statue of David! Truly spectacular in person!
 This Michelin Star restaurant was just great! Il Palagio has amazing food and the tasting menu is worth every penny, I mean euro! 

 And of course a visit to the Arno River is a must. It was beautiful clear day, so it just made it that much better!
This view of the city of Florence is my favorite. I always look back at this picture because I remember the feeling of the air, and smell of the city and just feeling blessed to be experiencing what this big world has to offer. 

Florence is definitely a place I will go back to!

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