Monday, October 13, 2014

Hanging Succulent Planter

I'm quite the succulent fan. Love them everywhere in my yard. One thing I always see at stores and love so much is hanging succulent planters, but they can be so pricey. So I decided to make it myself! It really doesn't take much, and literally take 15 minutes to do!

First you need:
4-5 different succulents
A hanging Basket from hardware store- $4
Garden Soil

And make sure when you pick the succulents, they are different textures and shades. 

And if you have gardening gloves, shove, and newspaper to create a mess free station, that could be useful too. 

 I started by first adding a small layer of soil into the bottom on the basket.

 Then I added my succulents and placed them into place. 

 Once you have your succulents into place fill the gaps with soil.

And there you have it! The project cost about $15. You have nice decor planter piece outside, and best part is they don't need much maintenance. 

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