Monday, October 6, 2014


I know I have been off the radar for the past month. This month as been a busy one. More than usual. This month of September I was home for a little over a week, and out of the country the rest of the time, and just got back yesterday. All I can say is I'm pooped. I traveled a lot as a kid with parents all over the U.S. We went to the beaches in Miami to the rainy city of Seattle. My parents took us everywhere, and I always remember being sad to go back home. But now being an adult and having had the opportunities to travel to different countries on my own, I now understand my parents relief when we got back home. Today, I am happy to be back home.

This post isn't suppose to be nagging sounding, or ungrateful. I'm so blessed I got to travel. I love exploring new places, and learning about different cultures. I'm just tired. What is it that makes you feel at ease when you back to your routine, and your messy crazy house? Maybe appreciation for what you have comes over you, or maybe familiarity soothes us. I don't know. But what I do know is I want to just hang out in my house for a while before I take on another adventure. Is that weird? As I write this, I can't wait for my husband to come home so we can lounge around and catch up on shows in our DVR.

P.S. I promise to be more chipper tomorrow. And I also have sooooo many adventures to share with all of you! Rest of Italy, and my past trip to the Caribbean Islands.

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