Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kitchen Ideas

So, apparenty it's been a week since I was last on here. How did that happen? Well, it was a pretty busy week. And an busier weekend ahead of me. But I wanted to share a few things we are thinking of changing here in the Chang household. We want to redo our kitchen (yay!!!) and get new flooring throughout our downstairs. I am beyond giddy over these ideas! Who knew floors could get me so excited, and don't even get me started on the kitchen. Haha!

But here are some ideas I got from good ol' Pinterest for kitchens, and a few specific things I am looking for. 

One of the things we are really considering with our new kitchen is a peninsula counter. Knocking the wall down, and adding a good old open space! 

I would love open shelving, especially for all my cookbooks, and cake stands. 

Subway tile! Do I need to say more. I love this look. 

Modern cabinet hardware, and a few glass cabinets. Something about it is just so dreamy to me!

And last but not least, light quartz countertops! I am waiting for the day! We currently have granite, but they are granite TILES, which I hate. I can't wait to have a nice flat slab in my new kitchen! 

We'll see what ends up happening, and what is realistic with the space! Til then, I'll be sharing before pictures of my current kitchen. So stay tuned.


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