Monday, October 27, 2014

Rainbow of Coats

When we think of cold weather and coats, we don't necessarily think of color. A lot of coats tend to be more muted. But for me, I'm all about color. And not just color but style and fit too. Here are the colored coats I am loving this season!
Blue- This navy blue coat has lots of style, and very sixties inspired. So much cute detail, and one of my favorites. Those bow pockets!  

Green- This kelly green coat is more casual, but the clean tailored style can also be dressed up. With some jeans, or a dress it's perfect either way! 

Yellow- Oh, this mustard yellow coat has such a unique silhouette. I love how the collar go up, and the black tiny details make the coat! 

Orange- Burnt orange is such a great color, especially for a simple collarless round coat. The cut is chic, and you'll get definitely get noticed!    

Tan- This camel brown is not as bright as the rest, but style is a show stopper. The cape shape, and bulky collar are some of my favorite details. This coat has a such a vintage look too!

Pink- This rose pink is probably one of my favorite tailored looks. The stand-up high collar, and the long length just screams class to me! 

Red- This apple red coat is more outdoorsy, but has such fun detail. Love how this coat fastens with toggles, and did you notice the plaid inside the coat? 

Maroon- This double breasted maroon isn't like your typical. It almost looks military like with the buttons, but the lapel round collar makes it more fun. I just love this color too! 

And there you go, the rainbow of coats for this cold colorful season! Which one are you daring enough to try? I'll take all of them! 


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