Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sixties Thanksgiving Style

For Thanksgiving, going to a Thanksgiving dinner is a given.(whoa, play on words) In my family we dress nicely for the event. But every year, I have the dilemma on what to wear because I want comfort, but I want to look stylish. But since I'm such a big fan of the mod style, I wanted to incorporate it in my Thanksgiving look this year.

sixties mod style

Chevron dress 
Dress- You need a dress with some give, and not too fitting. Especially since the main event for Thanksgiving is a whole lot of eating!

opaque tight
Tights- I notmally wear tights if it's too cold in the evening, usually helps keep my legs warm, and these are quite fashionable. 

black and white shoes
Shoes- I always like heels for special events but heels can be uncomfortable sometimes, so this kitten heel oxford is perfect for extra height and style.

Lip Stain- I am a lipstick kind of gal, but lipstick can smear and get all over the place especially if you're eating. Lip stain gives color but it's so bold like a lipstick.

Wool coat 
Coat- I love coats, and a bold coat as you're entering someones home can be a perfect piece to a conversation starter. P.S. I love how mod it is!

Clutch- I normally go with something smaller only because there usually there isn't much to bring to a dinner if you're a guest. Just yourself and an appetite! 

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