Thursday, January 29, 2015

Weekend Cakes

This past weekend I made two cakes that I loved so much. I know we are already approaching another weekend, but better late than never!

One of the cakes I made I had actually done before. It is always fun to make a cake I had so much fun doing.

I always love the look of this cake. It reminds me of fabric. But to be quite honest, it's fairly simple. I will possibly do a tutorial on this soon. It really is on the easier side, and it helps that there is an organic feel to it, that it does not need to be perfect.

The second cake I made was for my best friend. She is a bright and beautiful soul, so I made a cake to reflect that. Well, at least that was my interpretation of the cake.

I went with a simple buttercream frosting, and just added some succulents and flowers. I felt it was simple, but pretty. I loved this one a whole bunch.

And please forgive me on the lack of posts. Cakes and projects have been piling up. And I have my nephew's birthday cake I am making this weekend as well. But I'll keep you posted on that cake next week, so stay tuned.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January Wish List

I know January is almost over, but I wanted to share my wish list for this month. And honestly, it is more essentials that can last me quite some time.

wish list

Bootie boots-A nice clean bootie is a must. And can go with any outfit. Get rid some old ones, and invest in some new that can be worn with a lot of things!

foundation- A good cover up is always a good idea. I don't always use it but when I do, I don't it to feel like it's caked on.

weekly planner- A new planner is a must, at least for me. I need to write things down in order to keep my life organized, and to be honest, it helps me remember dates a lot better.

jeans- A pair of good jeans go a long way. That is all. 

sunglasses- This cateye sunnies are amazing. I want them!

Thermo mug- A to-go coffee tumbler is a must in my house. And this one is amazing with all the books! 

t shirt- I am a California gal, so this baseball tee is very fitting for me. And it's so cute!

satchel purse- I love this crossover satchel. It's big enough to store all my things, but not overly huge where I may look like Mary Poppins ( although I sure do love her) 


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Etsy Lovin'

Etsy has been my jam these couple months. To the point where I gotta stop and not look. Too much creativeness, and cuteness...I want to buy it all!

But I wanted to share my top 3 things I've been eyeing!

I've been lusting over this leather wallet/clutch for some time now. I actually finally pulled the trigger and bought it from Love The Hustle Designs. Check out to see more bags, camera straps, and other leathery goods!

My friend recently introduced me to Made By Mary. She makes beautiful metal jewelry stamped with letters or words. The designs are simple & clean and I want one!

Prints are my favorite thing to find on etsy. This gold foil image of Cuba from Harper Street is amazing. P.S. They have other countries, and states!

happy shopping!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

l.a. eats

This month, the hubs and I have been trying new restaurants we have been meaning to try and some old favorites as well. If you don't know, we love going to eat out on the weekends. I cook dinner all week long so weekends are my time relax and enjoy what L.A. has to offer. So today, I wanted to share our January L.A. eats thus far. P.S. All photos were taken with our iphone so excuse me on the quality.


KABOSU in Toluca Lake, CA
Kabosu is under the radar right now for sushi restaurants. They are a sister restaurant of Sushi Yuzu just across the street. If you've been to Sushi Yuzu, you know how busy it gets and the restaurant is quite small. But don't you worry, Kabosu is larger and has the same menu. I don't think many people know about so go ASAP before it becomes everyones go-to spot. I suggest the Lemon roll and the Kabosu.

Rustic Burger is one of my favorite places to go if I want to indulge in a burger. They make craft burgers, and my favorite is The Farm. It's a burger with pork belly, bacon, an egg, and arugula...oh, and with a delicious garlic aioli spread. And on Tuesdays you can get any burger with a side and a drink for only $10!

DINETTE, Echo Park 
Oh, Dinette. What can I say about this place? Simply delicious. This place is perfect for untraditional breakfast/brunch. First off, the quiches are amazing. I had the butternut squash and bacon quiche and the flavors were so lovely. And that waffle with a poached egg, and bacon are to die for. The waffle is so chewy and delicious and somehow compliments the egg and bacon perfectly. This is a place I will be going to again quite soon.

PIZZA DEL SARDO, Santa Clarita
So this is another Santa Clarita restaurant spot, but this place can't go without a mention. It is in a shopping center not near much. But they sure know how to make authentic Italian pizza. My fear from coming back from Italy was that we wouldn't find authentic Italian pizza, and it just happened to be 5 mins from my home. Real italian owner, with Italian customers that go for the pizzas. My favorite is the pizza toscana. And they even have spicy olive oil! 

INK, Beverly Grove
Ink is more for your fine dining experience, and is quite good. The dish above is the beef tartare. I absolutely loved the chilean sea bass dish, and their apple dessert. I would go back for those for sure! And be sure to make a reservation for this one. 

PINE & CRANE, Silverlake
Pine & Crane was a place we wanted to try a few weeks back but it was quite busy in Silverlake so we skipped, but this weekend we went for dinner and were sorry we didn't go sooner. They are a Taiwanese- Chinese restaurant with cool and hip environment. We ordered the pot stickers, the scallion pancake, Taiwanese sticky rice, and Taiwanese sausages. Everything was so good. And the hubs got a Taiwanese beer which was light and refreshing. I would go there again and maybe try their noodles since I didn't get to. 

I hope this post didn't make you too hungry. I think it made me craving all these things again! Hope you try one of these places and let me know your thoughts. Happy Eating! 


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

polka dots

Polka Dots are a classic pattern. You really can't go wrong with a bold polka dot, or even a pin dot. My favorite way to do a polka dot though is with the simple black and white. I wanted to share some of my favorite styles this season.

polka dot

I think the clutch and flats are my favorite. How about yours?

Monday, January 12, 2015


So this year, our goal is to finally get our kitchen remodeled, and all our downstairs floors redone.
Our kitchen isn't awful, but it does need some updating.

Here are some of the things I am planning on getting changed.

 We have granite counter tops, but they are tiled which doesn't help me since I bake. And they are a little old and could use some updating. And the grout in between all the tile is something I just hate. I would like something more like this:

The way the kitchen is set up isn't too ideal. It's not small, but it appears smaller with the cabinet placements and almost gives it a galley feel. I would prefer a more open space so We are knocking off a bar window we have going on, and make it into a peninsula. It will open up the space into the back den/ library area. And will open up the kitchen in general. I am really loving this set up:

Appliances are probably a given. A new updated kitchen calls for updated appliances. We have never had new appliances so getting brand new ones makes me all kinds of excited. And a new stove is what I'm all about. Something like this would be amazing:

Floors! We currently have old laminate flooring in our kitchen. Laminate is pretty durable, but not water friendly. So near the fridge, we have some damages due to water. So we want some nice grey ceramic floors. (or maybe porcelain) I am into these:

We will see how our plans actually go. This past weekend we went to floor stores and countertop stores. Being at the stores made it feel a little more real. We actually have samples now so we are trying to decide on flooring. Wish us look. Renovations scare me a bit, and a kitchen one is a scary one. Mostly because it involves me letting go of our kitchen and no cooking or baking. :( But I can sacrifice that for a nice new kitchen! 


Monday, January 5, 2015


2015 is here, and I feel like I should mention what I learned and what the best of 2014 was. To be honest, 2014 wasn't like I had planned. Actually, it was quite the opposite. I won't over share, but what I did learn the past year is that I have to let go of "my plans" and rely on God fully and his perfect timing. Not sure what I was thinking when I so called planned my 2014. I ended up in sheer disappointment and frustration most of the year, and it was my own fault I was stuck in this pickle. But I spoke to someone about my expectations and how they were not turning out. They simply asked me, "have you been praying about it?"And I thought, "of course I've been praying!" But I was totally praying for it all wrong. That night I changed the way I prayed. And just like that, December came and it felt like it all clicked. Yup, it took me 12 months to learn something so valuable. Most of the year I cried and stayed up wondering why but instead, in December, I  thought, "God, you know your plans for me and I trust you. Because you know more than I do, and thank goodness for that!" I felt calm, and as if a weight had come off my shoulders.

What I want for 2015 is to fully rely on God and his plans for me. I don't know why it's so hard for us to let go of the control. It's like we forget how big our God is. We definitely limit God's blessings on us by being so stubborn.

 But when I look back at 2014, it was quite good. Actually, it was great. I had been focusing what I didn't get that year instead of all the blessing I had. We had a big year. Ralph and I went on a long trip to Italy this year. We had a lot of fun and spent a great time together. We bought a second house as an income property(and rented it the 4 days after it was advertised) HUGE blessing! I got to travel again for work to the Caribbean with The Girls With Glasses and went on my first cruise too. I had a healthy year, and had great times with my family and friends. Honestly, I don't know what was up with me. But I had a great year, I just wasn't seeing it.

My lesson for 2014 came to me a month before 2015. That's the way it goes. And I'm okay with that. I hope you all have a good 2015. We all could use a little refocusing for the new year, I sure could. More on others, and less on myself. Happy New Year, friends.


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