Monday, January 12, 2015


So this year, our goal is to finally get our kitchen remodeled, and all our downstairs floors redone.
Our kitchen isn't awful, but it does need some updating.

Here are some of the things I am planning on getting changed.

 We have granite counter tops, but they are tiled which doesn't help me since I bake. And they are a little old and could use some updating. And the grout in between all the tile is something I just hate. I would like something more like this:

The way the kitchen is set up isn't too ideal. It's not small, but it appears smaller with the cabinet placements and almost gives it a galley feel. I would prefer a more open space so We are knocking off a bar window we have going on, and make it into a peninsula. It will open up the space into the back den/ library area. And will open up the kitchen in general. I am really loving this set up:

Appliances are probably a given. A new updated kitchen calls for updated appliances. We have never had new appliances so getting brand new ones makes me all kinds of excited. And a new stove is what I'm all about. Something like this would be amazing:

Floors! We currently have old laminate flooring in our kitchen. Laminate is pretty durable, but not water friendly. So near the fridge, we have some damages due to water. So we want some nice grey ceramic floors. (or maybe porcelain) I am into these:

We will see how our plans actually go. This past weekend we went to floor stores and countertop stores. Being at the stores made it feel a little more real. We actually have samples now so we are trying to decide on flooring. Wish us look. Renovations scare me a bit, and a kitchen one is a scary one. Mostly because it involves me letting go of our kitchen and no cooking or baking. :( But I can sacrifice that for a nice new kitchen! 


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