Thursday, January 29, 2015

Weekend Cakes

This past weekend I made two cakes that I loved so much. I know we are already approaching another weekend, but better late than never!

One of the cakes I made I had actually done before. It is always fun to make a cake I had so much fun doing.

I always love the look of this cake. It reminds me of fabric. But to be quite honest, it's fairly simple. I will possibly do a tutorial on this soon. It really is on the easier side, and it helps that there is an organic feel to it, that it does not need to be perfect.

The second cake I made was for my best friend. She is a bright and beautiful soul, so I made a cake to reflect that. Well, at least that was my interpretation of the cake.

I went with a simple buttercream frosting, and just added some succulents and flowers. I felt it was simple, but pretty. I loved this one a whole bunch.

And please forgive me on the lack of posts. Cakes and projects have been piling up. And I have my nephew's birthday cake I am making this weekend as well. But I'll keep you posted on that cake next week, so stay tuned.


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