Wednesday, February 25, 2015

winter essentials

I know most of country is dealing with cold weather , and I just wanted to share some winter clothes essentials. Over here in Los Angeles, we are in the mid 70's. And to be honest, I kind of wish we would get more cold weather. But I will be in a cold environment soon, so thought this would be appropriate to share!
winter essentials

J Crew sweater 
I love a good fun sweater, and especially one that can be used for all types of weather!

Hooded coat 
A thick and long coat with a hoodie helps with cold weather. And this military green is right in style!

A thick knit beanie is perfect for a cold day, and don't you just love the pompom top? 

crew socks
These thick socks are a necessity. Nobody wants frozen toes!

Hunter  boots
Hunter boots are great for the rain. The rubber boot is so nice for the harsh weather.

round scarf 
An infinity scarf is perfect to keep your neck warm. I am a huge fan of the round scarf.

Pink gloves
These pink gloves are darling. I love these cute gloves!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Alice In Wonderland

So this past weekend I made an Alice In Wonderland Vintage cake. It was inspired by another similar cake.

To be honest, I almost didn't make it because I didn't think I could. When I saw the image of the cake, I was a little worried. The cake was elegant, and beautiful and that usually isn't my style, one of the main reasons I don't do wedding cakes. But there was something in me that wanted to try. So I told the person ordering that it was going to be a  challenge for me, and was completely honest on my insecurity. Thankfully she was okay on me trying it out, because it turned out to be one of my favorites.

And here's the outcome:

The only thing I didn't make was the saucer and teacup. I tried, but it broke on me. And it became more difficult so I opted for a real teacup and saucer. But I loved the turnout. It was different from what I normally do, and I am grateful for the challenge because it reminds me what I'm capable of.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Post Kitchen

When I say post kitchen, I don't mean we are done. We haven't even started with our kitchen renovation. But we are planning a whole lot. And with the planning with contractors, we realized we need a post in the kitchen if we want to have an island.  Or we can install a steel beam, but that's super costly, and the steel beam would be enormous in size. So we are going with a post. Honestly, I was a little concern, but I saw some pictures of kitchens with posts, and guess what, I don't mind it one bit.

Here are a few we saw that made us go the post route.

We would only have one post like the first picture, and we like how the post would have decorative features. I'm very on board now. 

And here are some of our plans for our kitchen. 

I just did these plans on, but it's a rough layout of our kitchen. 
I will be posting pictures of our before kitchen, so that way throughout the renovation process, you can see the change with us.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dresses to Kill

Dresses have been tempting me lately. No joke...I want so many at the moment. And may I add, I have over 200 of them(eeek) But some companies are doing them so well, that it's making it mighty hard to resist.

Here are some of the ones I am longing for. 

I want them all, its depressing. But I may just crack, and buy myself one(or two) The first Boden dress though is a favorite of mine! 


Friday, February 13, 2015

A piece of my Heart

This week I got into the Valentine's spirit, and baked a heart shaped cake. This time around, I wanted to do a ruffled effect I've never done before. This cake was just a cake for myself, so I thought, "might as well try something new especially since it's not an order!" And guess what, it turned out better than I imagined. I kind of know what to do better next time, but it's not too shabby! And I went with creams and pinks because I was in a softer pink mood. 

I, of course, already have a heart mold so that was the easy part, and I tried a vanilla cake recipe from Cake Merchant. I added a apricot preserves in the center, and a vanilla buttercream. It's always fun to cut into the cakes, I love seeing that there is actually a cake inside!

Hope you have a fun Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hot Wheels

This year for my nephew's birthday, he requested a Hot Wheels cake. And of course, I went to creative mode, and also looked up what was around already, and tried to come up with a design. What I knew for sure was that I wanted ramps, and hot wheel cars to go down these ramps. I wanted it to look like an orange track was on the cake. So I baked my little butt off, and then thought about how I would carve the cake and decided to do a zig zag track.

It was really fun seeing the kids play with cake, and have the cars sliding down...and the fact that it was edible was fascinating to them too! Here are some images of the cake.

 Making this cake was extremely fun for me. When I was a kid, I wanted to play with these tracks, but my brother was more into action figures, so I never got to play with Hot Wheels. So know I am vicariously living through my nephews' hot wheels fun!


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Galentine's Day Gift Guide

Hey friends! I have a gift guide for the special gals in your life. We always show our guys how much we love them on Valentine's day, but how about show your BFF how much she means to you with these small affordable gifts. I know my BFF would love any of these things!

Galentine's Day Gift Guide

heart shaped bag 
This mint "hey cutie" bag is darling, and in the spirit of Vday!

iphone case 
Nothing says BFF more like matching iphone cases!

heart shaped glasses 
Instead of classic red heart glasses, why not do something fun like a baby blue.

cat card 
Rifle paper makes such fun cards. Your gal pal would love one like this "cool cat" one.

tumbler with straw
I love this tumbler. It's sooooo cute, and definitely handy for everyday use. 

Bobbi Set
The BFF bobbi set is darling! Such a cute little gift, and the colors are perfect for Vday!

heart donuts
And this may be my favorite gift! Heart shaped donuts!!!! Yes, please!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Donut Worry, Be Happy

Donuts are quite a love of mine. I just love to eat those sugary suckers. But I don't get to do often is make them. Mostly because the donuts I usually like are fried. But baked donuts are pretty good too. And it just so happens I have a donut mold. So I looked up some recipes and found a fun one on pinterest and it comes from Sugar and Cloth. You can get the recipe from there.

 They are all a vanilla bean glazed donut. I just changed the colors around with sprinkles. 

I think the bright mint ones are my favorite!

I think I will start to explore making different flavors. These turned out to be yummy, and not overly sweet! I definitely recommend them!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Dining Space

Just a few weeks ago, we were at Lowe's and I remembered there was a light fixture we had been wanting for our dining room. My husband hates doing electrical stuff, but since it had been a while (and I think he forgot how much he hates it) he agreed to buy it and install it. So since I am sharing the new lighting, I thought it would be appropriate to share the before and after of our dining space since it's been a while.

 Who can forget a dining room like this? I sure can. It was not my favorite! And that light fixture had gold, mirrors, and candle flame bulbs. yuck!

A close up of the wallpaper. 

And we still lived with that wall paper for months. Thankfully our dining room hasn't had wallpaper in about 2 years!

Here's our dining room now. The room has been painted this way for about 2 years now. The dining table has been here for about a year.  Lighting and chairs are new. 

We also recently got these head chairs at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I love the mid century feel they have. I stained them to match the dining table legs.

 And here you can see the light fixture a bit better. About two years ago we had changed the old chandelier to a single pendant light, but it was too small, and the size didn't match the room. So that's one of the reasons we switch lighting recently. We went with a multiple pendant lights to brighten up the space, and fill the space a bit better. 

And here is the room with the lights on. They are Edison bulbs, so the lighting is a bit more dim. And it actually is more cohesive with our lighting in our living space. 

As of now, the living space will stay this way. We are getting new flooring, so I may get a rug for under the table. But we will see. I may also paint this room a different color. But haven't found the right color quite yet. But will keep you posted once we do these changes. And to see the rest of the house, you can check the house tour here! 


Monday, February 2, 2015

Lovely Fashion

Howdy friends! Can you believe it is February? Not I! But I am excited for all the Valentine madness that goes on in the stores. Who can resist the hearts and reds & pinks. Here are some of favorite items to add LOVE to your wardrobe!

Heart Sweater/ Subtle but cute sweater is perfect not just for V-day but all year long!

Ban do Hair Accessories / These accessories are my favorite! The love clip is darling, and the heart clip can be worn on jacket, not just on your hair.

 Lip Loafers / These loafers are adorable. I love the sparkly lipstick and lips!

 Heart & Arrow Watch / How I love this watch! Kate Spade doing it right. And how about the second hand arrow! Love!

 Pucker Necklace / Such a funny little necklace. So fun to add to your ourfit!

 Heart Sunglasses  / I don't know about you, but I love heart glasses. And love the pink too!

Love Wallet Clutch/Another Kate Spade accessory. The bold love letters are perfect.

Lippy Tulle Dress/ This dress is my favorite item. This is definitely a show stopper party dress! The tulle makes is darling, and those lips are just the cherry on top!
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