Thursday, February 5, 2015

Dining Space

Just a few weeks ago, we were at Lowe's and I remembered there was a light fixture we had been wanting for our dining room. My husband hates doing electrical stuff, but since it had been a while (and I think he forgot how much he hates it) he agreed to buy it and install it. So since I am sharing the new lighting, I thought it would be appropriate to share the before and after of our dining space since it's been a while.

 Who can forget a dining room like this? I sure can. It was not my favorite! And that light fixture had gold, mirrors, and candle flame bulbs. yuck!

A close up of the wallpaper. 

And we still lived with that wall paper for months. Thankfully our dining room hasn't had wallpaper in about 2 years!

Here's our dining room now. The room has been painted this way for about 2 years now. The dining table has been here for about a year.  Lighting and chairs are new. 

We also recently got these head chairs at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I love the mid century feel they have. I stained them to match the dining table legs.

 And here you can see the light fixture a bit better. About two years ago we had changed the old chandelier to a single pendant light, but it was too small, and the size didn't match the room. So that's one of the reasons we switch lighting recently. We went with a multiple pendant lights to brighten up the space, and fill the space a bit better. 

And here is the room with the lights on. They are Edison bulbs, so the lighting is a bit more dim. And it actually is more cohesive with our lighting in our living space. 

As of now, the living space will stay this way. We are getting new flooring, so I may get a rug for under the table. But we will see. I may also paint this room a different color. But haven't found the right color quite yet. But will keep you posted once we do these changes. And to see the rest of the house, you can check the house tour here! 


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