Thursday, February 19, 2015

Post Kitchen

When I say post kitchen, I don't mean we are done. We haven't even started with our kitchen renovation. But we are planning a whole lot. And with the planning with contractors, we realized we need a post in the kitchen if we want to have an island.  Or we can install a steel beam, but that's super costly, and the steel beam would be enormous in size. So we are going with a post. Honestly, I was a little concern, but I saw some pictures of kitchens with posts, and guess what, I don't mind it one bit.

Here are a few we saw that made us go the post route.

We would only have one post like the first picture, and we like how the post would have decorative features. I'm very on board now. 

And here are some of our plans for our kitchen. 

I just did these plans on, but it's a rough layout of our kitchen. 
I will be posting pictures of our before kitchen, so that way throughout the renovation process, you can see the change with us.

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