Monday, March 30, 2015

Nephews' Birthday Cake

This past weekend we celebrated my nephews' birthdays. My nephews' birthdays are a few weeks apart so when it comes to a party, it usually is combined. So this year for their cakes, the youngest wanted a Paw Patrol cake. Paw Patrol seems to taken off. Last year I made another Paw Patrol cake for my other nephew, but last year no one knew what the heck the cartoon was. This year was quite different, everyone knew Paw Patrol.

Marshall is my nephew's favorite character, so I went more with that theme. 

And for my oldest nephew, he is obsessed with basketball. And loves MJ, like any kid who loves basketball. This year he actually was on a basketball team, so he was obsessed even more so with the sport. so this cake just fitting for him.

He really loved it. I went with the Bulls colors, but still made sure to personalize it to him. 

I really enjoyed making these, especially since they were for my nephews that I love so much. Now, for next years cakes! Gah, I don't want them to grow!


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Cleaning

Spring time is usually known for spring cleaning, and getting your home organized. I am so in need of this. I just want to get things reorganized in all the areas in my house. I wanted to share some tips and tricks I will using for my house that I saw online, and thought these would be helpful for you too!

Organize your pantry. Seriously, this is a place I organize and some how it gets messy again. You can check out more at

Organizing closets sometimes is tricky, but using the doors for clever ways to store things is right up my alley. I have a few closet doors this wood be so useful in. Whether it is store wrapping paper, files, or office supplies, this closet storage is for you. More on

Do you have a craft space you need to be organized? Maybe a pegboard is a good solution for your space. More on 

And a major place to clean and organize is your master closet. This place is a good place to minimize, and really see what you still wear and what you can donate. For more tips, see

Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Time!

Can you guys believe it's spring!?! I can hardly believe it. This weekend I spent some time in our yard and was in awe of all the plants and flowers regrowing. And guess what I added flowers to this weekend...cupcakes!

I got a cupcake order and it was perfect for the spring season! So floral and lots of pastels!
Here a few pictures of the cupcakes!

Happy Spring!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

luck of the irish

St. Patrick's Day is always one of those funny holidays where you must remember to put some green on.

I usually tend to not like wearing a whole lot of green, so I wanted to share ways to still participate without looking overdone! Here are a few ways to be in the spirit with a little accessorizing.


Happy St. Patrick's Day, friends!

Monday, March 16, 2015


How many of you guys are pinterest obsessed? I am so guilty. I love pinning home ideas, fashion, food, and especially DIYs. But lately have seen some fun DIYs that just look so tempting, I think I may have to try it.

Here are some of my favorites I want to try ASAP.

Keychain from

Decanter chandelier 

Pedestal Urn from

Cute hanging shelf from

These are all simple cute ideas. Maybe the decanter is a little bit on the harder side, but decanters are so easy to find, that making them into a chandelier is brilliant! I am in love with all these DIY's and have them pinned. And if you want to follow me on pinterest, you can find me here!

Happy Monday friends!

Monday, March 9, 2015

just feeling peachy

Spring is around the corner, and pastels always a reminder. But one of my favorite colors to wear around this time is peach. It's just so fun, girly, and a pop of color that can brighten up your outfit.


I am just loving that dress, and those glasses! Completely swooning over these things. And those lip glosses are just perfect for spring. Not too bold, but enough color. I am over getting way to excited for warmer weather. 

Have a good Monday!

Friday, March 6, 2015


Hey friends. Last week guess where I was? If the title wan't clear enough, we were in good ol' Montana. We went to visit some friends we have that moved there last year and have been meaning to visit. And let me tell ya, it was beautiful...and cold! We had a great time. 

Flathead lake is beautiful. We were in awe of the beauty.

We went on a double date with our friends and they took us to Stillwater Fish House in Whitefish, MT. It was delicious. This scallop carbonara was amazing!

Then another we headed to Red Caboose in Whitefish, MT. for really delicious coffee, and such a fun cool vibe.  

This was another view from a place we had lunch at. More of a cloudy day, but nonetheless beautiful. 

This was a snowy day at Big Mountain. We were freezing, and I loved seeing it snow! 

Oh, Sweet Peaks in Kalispell, MT. was just my favorite. Ice cream is my favorite sweet treat, and this place does ice cream so good. We even went a couple times. And have you guys ever had huckleberry? Oh, man. So good! Huckleberry ice cream for the win. 

Slippery ice, and soft snow. 

My favorite thing on our trip was going to Glacier National Park. Surreal, and mesmerized by the beauty.

Feeling so small in corners of the world for some reason is my favorite. I think I love feeling so humbled in God's creation. 

We loved visiting our friends in Montana, and seeing what the beautiful cities had to offer. We definitely will be back! 


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

C is for Chang

I've had a paper mache C in my home for some time now and haven't known what to do with it. I actually got it on clearance a while ago for $3 and thought it was a great price for such a large letter. I knew I wanted to do something with it, just couldn't put my finger on it until I remembered something I saw on pinterest a while back. But it was done with real flowers, so I decided to get some cheapy ones and improvise. 

What you need:
Paper Mache Letter
Fake Flowers
Floral Foam Bricks
Knife/X-Acto Knife

I first cut out the top of the letter and took the top off. It was really easy to do with an x-acto.

 Once you have hallowed your letter, cut the foam into a bunch of small sizes to fit into your letter. I just used a regular kitchen knife for this step.

Once you're done, start planning your color scheme, and add flowers to your liking.

I started to kind of spread the colors so I wouldn't bulk i just one spot. Then I began filling.

I went with more of a spring palette. I loved it.

And I decided it should be by my stairway. I like looking at it when I go up my stairs, and seeing it all the way from my front door. 

 It's a fun piece and brightens up my house! Hope you try it too!

Happy Wednesday!

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