Monday, March 30, 2015

Nephews' Birthday Cake

This past weekend we celebrated my nephews' birthdays. My nephews' birthdays are a few weeks apart so when it comes to a party, it usually is combined. So this year for their cakes, the youngest wanted a Paw Patrol cake. Paw Patrol seems to taken off. Last year I made another Paw Patrol cake for my other nephew, but last year no one knew what the heck the cartoon was. This year was quite different, everyone knew Paw Patrol.

Marshall is my nephew's favorite character, so I went more with that theme. 

And for my oldest nephew, he is obsessed with basketball. And loves MJ, like any kid who loves basketball. This year he actually was on a basketball team, so he was obsessed even more so with the sport. so this cake just fitting for him.

He really loved it. I went with the Bulls colors, but still made sure to personalize it to him. 

I really enjoyed making these, especially since they were for my nephews that I love so much. Now, for next years cakes! Gah, I don't want them to grow!


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