Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Cleaning

Spring time is usually known for spring cleaning, and getting your home organized. I am so in need of this. I just want to get things reorganized in all the areas in my house. I wanted to share some tips and tricks I will using for my house that I saw online, and thought these would be helpful for you too!

Organize your pantry. Seriously, this is a place I organize and some how it gets messy again. You can check out more at BHG.com

Organizing closets sometimes is tricky, but using the doors for clever ways to store things is right up my alley. I have a few closet doors this wood be so useful in. Whether it is store wrapping paper, files, or office supplies, this closet storage is for you. More on bhg.com

Do you have a craft space you need to be organized? Maybe a pegboard is a good solution for your space. More on fabricpaperglue.com 

And a major place to clean and organize is your master closet. This place is a good place to minimize, and really see what you still wear and what you can donate. For more tips, see www.mackenziehoran.com/

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