Friday, April 24, 2015

cabin style

I will be taking a family trip to a cabin soon and I'm so excited. I'm already looking ahead, and thinking of what would be fun cabin style, but with comfort. It's too early to know the exact weather,  but I always think bringing layers, and jacket just in case. But I here are some ideas I have to really get into the spirit of the cabin life.

Owl sweater- This owl sweater is just so adorable for the outdoors!

 Aztec cardigan- What I love about long cardigans are how comfy they are, and stylish they come now. The print makes it pop!

 Minnetonka  shoes- Moccasins are a staple for comfy cabin living. It's a great show for lounging in.

 Lace up boots - And boots are a must if you're outdoors.  A little hiking definitely asks for sturdier shoes like these boots. 

Backpack- A backpack is essencial. Especially if you decide to walk off and explore a bit. Keeping water snacks, emergency items on hand is a must. 

 Earrings- A little style never hurt anyone. Why not glam up your outfit with some antler earrings! 

Fedora hat- A fedora hat can come in handy for sun or style. Just depends on the weather. But I say, pack it.

Knit headband - A knit headband is always a fun item to have instead of a beanie. Keeps your ears and head warm, and looks cute on. 

And there you have it, you're ready for some stylish cabin fun!

Happy Friday!
xoxo- Priscilla 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

kitchen ideas

Hello friends! Sorry for being MIA. Have been working and doing some fun projects. But I'm back and wanted to share how the plans to renovate our kitchen are going.

Way back in January, we had been thinking of doing our kitchen, but have gotten delayed by not making final decisions and such. But in the last couple weeks, we have been thinking it all over and finally took the plunge to start.

So we should have a new kitchen by the end of June. You would think starting renovations would start soon, but the delay is the ordering of the cabinets. Those take weeks, but once those come in, we are replacing all the flooring downstairs, and will also begin demolition. Exciting stuff! After that, things should be a lot quicker. But without a kitchen, this baker will have to take a break. But I'm just glad for the light at the end of the kitchen!!

kitchen reno
So here are a few specific things we are getting done.

Subway Tiles- I love clean subway tiles, but I am thinking of going with a darker grout. 

Range hood- I love these free standing hoods. They are clean, and chic and I cannot wait.

Island- Yup, we are finally getting an island for all my baking needs. We almost thought this wouldn't be possible, but with a post, we are getting one. 

Floor Tiles- This is an exciting one for me. We currently have old laminate wood that actually has water damage in some area, and isn't a great color. A tile should make things a lot easier. 

Shaker Cabinets- We currently have cabinets that have a more traditional finish, and were installed by non professionals. They slam pretty hard, and are chipping in a lot of areas. New cabinets are a must.

Appliances- My favorite part. We are getting a new stove, dishwasher, and refrigerator. I didn't realize how hard choosing would be. We went to go check some stuff out, and boy did it get me excited. 

I'm just so grateful for this opportunity to renovate our home. I'm glad it will be a space we will get to enjoy, and will be adding resale value. And stay tuned! I will be adding before pictures of our downstairs space, including the kitchen's details. Have a good week, friends! 


Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter outfits

Can you believe Easter is just around the corner? I love Easter. I love the significance, and celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. It's such a special day. And with a special day, you need some pretty clothes to go along.

Easter is a great day to dress up, and really go in with those spring colors. I tend to go floral, or a bold bright color. This year I wanted to give you some ideas for the holiday.

Easter outfits
Floral print dress                                             Yellow pleated dress                                     Striped dress                   
 red pumps                                                       floral heel shoes                                  vintage pumps 

I love the simple floral dress with a bright pump. It's a classy look with a great pop of color.
The pastel pleated dress is simple, but with floral pumps, it really goes a long way.
I am in love with this striped pastel dress. It is stunning, and a bit sixties. So a vintage style cream pump is perfect for this dress.
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