Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter outfits

Can you believe Easter is just around the corner? I love Easter. I love the significance, and celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. It's such a special day. And with a special day, you need some pretty clothes to go along.

Easter is a great day to dress up, and really go in with those spring colors. I tend to go floral, or a bold bright color. This year I wanted to give you some ideas for the holiday.

Easter outfits
Floral print dress                                             Yellow pleated dress                                     Striped dress                   
 red pumps                                                       floral heel shoes                                  vintage pumps 

I love the simple floral dress with a bright pump. It's a classy look with a great pop of color.
The pastel pleated dress is simple, but with floral pumps, it really goes a long way.
I am in love with this striped pastel dress. It is stunning, and a bit sixties. So a vintage style cream pump is perfect for this dress.

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