Sunday, May 31, 2015

Oh, boy.

We're having a boy. And we're over the moon! We just found out last week and it was so exciting. I actually had a feeling we would be having a boy, but it was just a feeling and there was no way of me really knowing. I'm happy with our boy and just prayed and keep praying for a healthy baby. It's such a cliche but I think when you're actually carrying a baby and hear so many crazy stories, a healthy baby is all you can really hope for in the end.

We also surprised my family with a gender reveal pinata cake. Well, minus my mom because she went to the appointment with me. But she did a good job not telling anyone, which was killing her! But everyone was so surprised, and happy. It kind of was exciting having a secret everyone was dying to know!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Churro Ice Cream Sandwich

When I saw that Churro Borough was in LA serving churro ice cream sandwiches, I wanted to try! It was the best thing I've seen since cronuts! But somehow I never made it out there and I postponed my trip down. Then I heard Happy Days Cafe in Sherman Oaks had them too, and I still didn't manage to get myself over there! But I promise one of these days, I will! Then I somehow stumbled on a churro recipe from Brandi Milloy on It was so easy to do, I seriously don't know why I haven't made churros everyday of my life. 

 Get the recipe here!
One thing that was surprising to me was the dough. I was so easy to work with. A bit sticky, but so easy. 

 And a piping bad and star tip is a must. Whether your making the churro for the ice cream sandwich or simple churros, you want to have the right tools. 

Frying was the easy part. I think I had mine a tiny bit too hot at first, but adjusted and then they came out perfectly. 

And the best part, adding all the sugar and cinnamon to the churro!

And I went with a simple vanilla ice cream. It was delicious! These were way better than I expected. The combination of warm and cold is my favorite. Also, eat immediately for a better experience! 

 And since I had extra dough, I just made mini churros. Those were also amazing! I was in churro heaven! Hope you guys try it. It really is sooooo much easier than it seems. 


Thursday, May 21, 2015


When it comes to sweets, ice cream is probably my all time favorite, even on cold days. But one of my favorite treats when I was younger were neapolitan ice cream sandwiches. It made me feel like I was getting 3 treats in one. So I thought neapolitan color inspiration would be perfect for this springs fashion and accessories!


P.S. I posted this dress somewhat recently, and obviously I can't get over it. I want it. Pastels and browns are just pretty and elegant in my eyes. So for this season, I say you try this color pallet, and maybe also grab yourself an ice cream sandwich! 


Monday, May 18, 2015


Last month I did a couple bridal shower cakes. Surprisingly, they were a bit similar and pink themed.
They just so happened to be on the same day so it made it a fun and easy to take on. I can't believe I almost forgot to share these cakes I made, but I guess I can believe it since I almost forgot to take pictures of the cakes. haha! (that pregnancy brain was really kicking in)

This cake was for my friend's bridal shower. (she actually got married this past weekend!) And this style of cake is just so fun for me to make. I love natural flowers and succulents that give it a rustic feel.

As for this cake, this was really fun and unique. The bridal shower was flamingo/tropical themed. I loved it. When they requested flamingos on the cake, I was all about it. And the flowers were an added touch. Originally it was suppose to be peonies instead of roses, but unfortunately peonies weren't in season last month here in California. (Although I did see them at Trader Joe's today...go figure!) I still loved the turnout.

I'm thinking of making another cake this week just for fun before I have no kitchen for a bit. Might as well use that kitchen and suck all the energy out it before it goes out to the curb. Let's hope I get to it! Will share so stay tuned!


Friday, May 15, 2015

Living inspiration

I know I mentioned we are remodeling our kitchen, but our living space is also getting a makeover. Not as drastic, but I think it will change the space and will give it a different look. So what are we doing you ask? Well, we are getting our floors done. We currently have this funky patch of carpet in the living room, but the rest of the house has wood laminate. And we also have a back living space with the a small carpet area. It doesn't look awful, but carpet isn't my favorite, especially in a high traffic area, and it also breaks up the space. I like when rooms flow a bit more so changing the flooring downstairs to be the same wood could really open and change the space. 

So with all that being said and done, I have been just getting inspiration from one of my favorite home stores, West Elm. I love their designs. Modern and clean, and not over designed. Here are some of my favorite things I'm loving from them.

I love midcentury modern style couches. But I've been dying for a sectional like this!

I love this high side table. The color of the wood is perfect.

When it comes to rugs, I'm kind of picky with patterns. But I love this rug. I love the color choices, and the simple shape design. 

These pendants are so fun. They can make a statement in any home.

I love these mirrors. So much design and just love the gold framing.  Looks great over a buffet or bar. 

Do you check you ever check West Elm? It's my place for inspiration. If you like what you saw, you should check out the stores. I always leave wanting to take big furniture items home!

P.S. And if you're curious to see what my living space looks like now, heres a peak

Have a good Friday! 
xoxo- Priscilla 

Friday, May 8, 2015

maternity style

Now that I'm pregnant, my body is slowly going through it's changes, and my stomach is growing. It's bizarre, but so amazing. I'm at the verge of giving in, and having to buy maternity clothes. So I've been going to some store and checking out what they have, and what I think are essentials for me. A lot of neutrals for now so I can use a lot and mix & match with what I have in my wardrobe now.
maternity style

 Skinny Jeans- Skinny Jeans are my go-to jeans, so I don't want to change my style just because of this growing belly. Especially since so many brands make maternity skinny jeans. And they actually have a stretch to them so you don't have to worry about them not being comfy. 

  Dress- A black dress is a good idea. Especially since you can accessorize in so many ways. This dress in particular has an interesting design split in the bottom, and I think it adds another form of design and style. 

  Tank- A tank in all neutrals is what I will be doing. You can simply wear it with a fun skirt, or under a sheer shirt, These tanks are really just a true comfort piece.

 Maternity bra- Who knew I would love a bra so much. Anything without a wire is my best friend. During this time, these girls are growing and are more sensitive, so a good bra is a must. 

 Stripe Tee- Striped tees are something I have in my closet a whole lot. I can still use them for now but I know at some point I won't fit into them, so a maternity one is a good one to have.

Denim shorts - I will be pregnant during the whole summer. I am not so excited about that part, but a couple pairs of shorts should get me through this pregnancy. Simple denim ones are perfect. I would also suggest black shorts too. Any that you can match with any color shirt.

 Sandals- I say, invest in a good pair of sandals. Like I said before, I most likely will be warm this whole pregnancy, sandals are a must. And a sandal you can easily slip on without too much trouble is the way to go. 

 Flats- I'm a flats girl. I just bought some leopard print ones like these. To me, leopard print is a neutral. I know, crazy. But the colors in it are neutral tones, and add soo much style to jeans, dresses, or skirts. And they are super easy to slip on. I suggest getting more stylish flats that you can just put on without a thought. It will give you a more put together look. 

I'm excited for this next stage in my pregnancy where I can no longer fit into my clothes. I'm sure it will be a little sad, but the sacrifice I'm making for this kiddo is worth it. 

Happy Friday!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Changs & Changes

Big news! These Changs are getting the ultimate change. This family of two, is now going to be a family of three. We are expecting our first little one this October. We are over the moon. I am 15 weeks, and totally feeling blessed for this baby growing inside of me.

This pregnancy so far has been pretty good. No morning sickness, a tiny bit a nausea the first few weeks , but nothing too extreme, thankfully. Mostly tired and slugish. But seeing my body change has been so weird. But it's also been exciting to see the progress of this growing life, and reassuring this baby is actually inside! I get extremely excited, nervous, anxious, happy and emotional all at once. My husband is loving it. haha!

This baby really has been a blessing. We had been trying for a while and nothing was happening. It was really discouraging at first. Then it got more discouraging as more and more time went by. Every month when I knew I wasn't pregnant it really took a toll on me. It  really tested my faith, my marriage but in the end, it made it stronger. I really had to rely fully on God and know it was all in His timing for our family, and I knew I had to let go of the control I thought I had. Finally when I stopped trying and let go of the emotional baggage I had been carrying from not conceiving, I also decided to see my doctor about infertility just to see what she had to say. And of course a week later we found out we were pregnant. I kind of didn't believe it at first. So much that I actually threw away my first positive pregnancy test. I was so used to seeing negative that when I took the test, I didn't wait long enough to see the result and just tossed it in the trash. But for some reason, I kept thinking about the test, and decided to look at it again the following day, and there I saw two lines. What?? I couldn't believe it. So what did I do? I went to Target to get a test that was clearer, and just would say "pregnant" or "not pregnant" because this girl needed more convincing. And lo and behold, we were pregnant. It really didn't feel real until we actually went to the first ultrasound. Seeing the baby and hearing the heartbeat could just make me cry. I thank God for making me wait for this little one. It  just felt even more special just because this tiny baby of ours had been prayed for so much. And not mention, I felt like the time my husband and I waited, it really brought us closer together. This baby was definitely made out of love. 

But since we didn't tell any of our family we had been trying, telling them we were pregnant was such a surprise for them, I kind of didn't expect how excited they would be. I'm glad we got it on film! (Beware, lots of screaming and excitement!)

And just thank you everyone for the kind and warm congratulations for baby Chang. We are just so excited and extremely happy (and honestly, a bit nervous) for this new chapter in our lives!


Friday, May 1, 2015

Banana Cream Pie

One of my favorite pies I love to eat is banana cream pie. So amazing. But I usually go a buy a piece and don't usually make it. I usually do banana cream mini pie cups, and then I thought, "just make a whole pie!" I think it's just pure laziness since there are a few steps to pie usually.

The recipe I use is from my good friend, Martha. Martha Stewart, that is. For the recipe, go here.

For the pie crust, I didn't do the one I wanted to, but this crust worked just fine. Or you can also buy one! Once the pie cools, I like to layer the bottom with a lot of banana. 

I made the filling and let it cool before I layered it on top of the bananas. Looks like it's full now, but the good thing about banana cream pie it that thick ain't a bad thing. 

And layer that baby up! I added another layer of whipped cream. Some people like to layer the banana after the filling, and like the whipped cream at the end. I would suggest that if you will be eating in a couple days time. 

But if you're going to eat it now and serve it many at once,  I say add banana for extra decor on top of the whipped cream. You can do long banana slices like I did or rounds. The way the banana cream pie is decorated is all up to you! But make sure to add the banana right before serving so the banana doesn't brown. 

And there you have it, a banana cream pie! Enjoy!

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