Monday, May 25, 2015

Churro Ice Cream Sandwich

When I saw that Churro Borough was in LA serving churro ice cream sandwiches, I wanted to try! It was the best thing I've seen since cronuts! But somehow I never made it out there and I postponed my trip down. Then I heard Happy Days Cafe in Sherman Oaks had them too, and I still didn't manage to get myself over there! But I promise one of these days, I will! Then I somehow stumbled on a churro recipe from Brandi Milloy on It was so easy to do, I seriously don't know why I haven't made churros everyday of my life. 

 Get the recipe here!
One thing that was surprising to me was the dough. I was so easy to work with. A bit sticky, but so easy. 

 And a piping bad and star tip is a must. Whether your making the churro for the ice cream sandwich or simple churros, you want to have the right tools. 

Frying was the easy part. I think I had mine a tiny bit too hot at first, but adjusted and then they came out perfectly. 

And the best part, adding all the sugar and cinnamon to the churro!

And I went with a simple vanilla ice cream. It was delicious! These were way better than I expected. The combination of warm and cold is my favorite. Also, eat immediately for a better experience! 

 And since I had extra dough, I just made mini churros. Those were also amazing! I was in churro heaven! Hope you guys try it. It really is sooooo much easier than it seems. 


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