Friday, May 8, 2015

maternity style

Now that I'm pregnant, my body is slowly going through it's changes, and my stomach is growing. It's bizarre, but so amazing. I'm at the verge of giving in, and having to buy maternity clothes. So I've been going to some store and checking out what they have, and what I think are essentials for me. A lot of neutrals for now so I can use a lot and mix & match with what I have in my wardrobe now.
maternity style

 Skinny Jeans- Skinny Jeans are my go-to jeans, so I don't want to change my style just because of this growing belly. Especially since so many brands make maternity skinny jeans. And they actually have a stretch to them so you don't have to worry about them not being comfy. 

  Dress- A black dress is a good idea. Especially since you can accessorize in so many ways. This dress in particular has an interesting design split in the bottom, and I think it adds another form of design and style. 

  Tank- A tank in all neutrals is what I will be doing. You can simply wear it with a fun skirt, or under a sheer shirt, These tanks are really just a true comfort piece.

 Maternity bra- Who knew I would love a bra so much. Anything without a wire is my best friend. During this time, these girls are growing and are more sensitive, so a good bra is a must. 

 Stripe Tee- Striped tees are something I have in my closet a whole lot. I can still use them for now but I know at some point I won't fit into them, so a maternity one is a good one to have.

Denim shorts - I will be pregnant during the whole summer. I am not so excited about that part, but a couple pairs of shorts should get me through this pregnancy. Simple denim ones are perfect. I would also suggest black shorts too. Any that you can match with any color shirt.

 Sandals- I say, invest in a good pair of sandals. Like I said before, I most likely will be warm this whole pregnancy, sandals are a must. And a sandal you can easily slip on without too much trouble is the way to go. 

 Flats- I'm a flats girl. I just bought some leopard print ones like these. To me, leopard print is a neutral. I know, crazy. But the colors in it are neutral tones, and add soo much style to jeans, dresses, or skirts. And they are super easy to slip on. I suggest getting more stylish flats that you can just put on without a thought. It will give you a more put together look. 

I'm excited for this next stage in my pregnancy where I can no longer fit into my clothes. I'm sure it will be a little sad, but the sacrifice I'm making for this kiddo is worth it. 

Happy Friday!


  1. Reading about maternity skinny jeans just made my day! I'm pregnant with my first child, and I am terrified about changing my entire wardrobe. I didn't realize that you could still be stylish with maternity clothes. I'll have to shop around and look for some skinny jeans.

    1. Same here, pregnant with my first and finding skinny jeans was a must. So many places like H&M, Old Navy, Gap, ect. have them and it makes the transition so much easier when you don't have to sacrifice your style!


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