Monday, May 18, 2015


Last month I did a couple bridal shower cakes. Surprisingly, they were a bit similar and pink themed.
They just so happened to be on the same day so it made it a fun and easy to take on. I can't believe I almost forgot to share these cakes I made, but I guess I can believe it since I almost forgot to take pictures of the cakes. haha! (that pregnancy brain was really kicking in)

This cake was for my friend's bridal shower. (she actually got married this past weekend!) And this style of cake is just so fun for me to make. I love natural flowers and succulents that give it a rustic feel.

As for this cake, this was really fun and unique. The bridal shower was flamingo/tropical themed. I loved it. When they requested flamingos on the cake, I was all about it. And the flowers were an added touch. Originally it was suppose to be peonies instead of roses, but unfortunately peonies weren't in season last month here in California. (Although I did see them at Trader Joe's today...go figure!) I still loved the turnout.

I'm thinking of making another cake this week just for fun before I have no kitchen for a bit. Might as well use that kitchen and suck all the energy out it before it goes out to the curb. Let's hope I get to it! Will share so stay tuned!


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