Monday, May 4, 2015

Changs & Changes

Big news! These Changs are getting the ultimate change. This family of two, is now going to be a family of three. We are expecting our first little one this October. We are over the moon. I am 15 weeks, and totally feeling blessed for this baby growing inside of me.

This pregnancy so far has been pretty good. No morning sickness, a tiny bit a nausea the first few weeks , but nothing too extreme, thankfully. Mostly tired and slugish. But seeing my body change has been so weird. But it's also been exciting to see the progress of this growing life, and reassuring this baby is actually inside! I get extremely excited, nervous, anxious, happy and emotional all at once. My husband is loving it. haha!

This baby really has been a blessing. We had been trying for a while and nothing was happening. It was really discouraging at first. Then it got more discouraging as more and more time went by. Every month when I knew I wasn't pregnant it really took a toll on me. It  really tested my faith, my marriage but in the end, it made it stronger. I really had to rely fully on God and know it was all in His timing for our family, and I knew I had to let go of the control I thought I had. Finally when I stopped trying and let go of the emotional baggage I had been carrying from not conceiving, I also decided to see my doctor about infertility just to see what she had to say. And of course a week later we found out we were pregnant. I kind of didn't believe it at first. So much that I actually threw away my first positive pregnancy test. I was so used to seeing negative that when I took the test, I didn't wait long enough to see the result and just tossed it in the trash. But for some reason, I kept thinking about the test, and decided to look at it again the following day, and there I saw two lines. What?? I couldn't believe it. So what did I do? I went to Target to get a test that was clearer, and just would say "pregnant" or "not pregnant" because this girl needed more convincing. And lo and behold, we were pregnant. It really didn't feel real until we actually went to the first ultrasound. Seeing the baby and hearing the heartbeat could just make me cry. I thank God for making me wait for this little one. It  just felt even more special just because this tiny baby of ours had been prayed for so much. And not mention, I felt like the time my husband and I waited, it really brought us closer together. This baby was definitely made out of love. 

But since we didn't tell any of our family we had been trying, telling them we were pregnant was such a surprise for them, I kind of didn't expect how excited they would be. I'm glad we got it on film! (Beware, lots of screaming and excitement!)

And just thank you everyone for the kind and warm congratulations for baby Chang. We are just so excited and extremely happy (and honestly, a bit nervous) for this new chapter in our lives!



  1. Our first baby took us a while as well but the second one happened in one shot! be ready! Conrats again, you will be a great mommy! - Edith Pabon

    1. Thanks Edith! So funny how are bodies just work the way they want to. Haha! Thanks for the kind words!

  2. I am so excited for you and your husband, Priscilla! Enjoy every moment of your pregnacy, it goes by too fast.

    1. Thanks Evelyn! That's what I keep hearing! I will definitely try and enjoy this fun time.


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