Thursday, June 4, 2015

Our Kitchen: Before

I finally got around to taking pictures of our current kitchen. I know I've mentioned this, but we are getting our kitchen renovated soon. Hopefully we start this month. But before that gets started, I wanted to share the state of our kitchen now.  

From a distance, I know it doesn't look too bad, I know. Just too many little things everywhere.  

 Our kitchen is a bit of a galley kitchen. It feels smaller to me, and I feel like the space has so much potential. 

 And all the appliances need to be updated. 

I love the idea of a double oven especially since I bake, but I never use the bottom oven. 

 We have counter on the other side of the kitchen with a window looking into the kitchen, but it feels so out of the kitchen and not convenient.

 And this room is right besides the kitchen, that I wish it flowed more with the space. It feels too seperate. And don't get started on the patch of carpet! 

And here are some details of what drives me insane with this space. 
I'm all for granite. But these granite tiles are really not ideal for me. I use fondant for cakes a lot, and rolling it on the countertop isn't an option. And I also don't like the grout and gunk you get in-between the tiles.  

This window is just too large for our kitchen and it wasn't installed properly.  

 Makeshift vent holes, not sure why they did that. 

 The vent is also an issue. It wasn't installed properly either, so it's actually taking cabinet space. 
 And the electrical was probably done without professionals. The outlets overlap each other and so many have weird gaps around the frame. 

 And this outlet isn't even straight. Haha! 

 Water damaged floors. It's been that way since we moved in. I'm guessing the previous owners fridge leaked. I think a nice tile may be better for the kitchen.

We also have an intercom in the kitchen too! And it's not functional either. 

Honestly, the list of things could keep going, like old cabinets, and extremely large sink, and so on. I'm just glad we will be getting a new kitchen soon! I'm just sooooo excited. Trying to get as much baking and cooking done before it's a bunch of to-go for a few weeks while we renovate. Yay!

I''ll keep you guys posted on the progress of this project...So stay tuned! 

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