Tuesday, July 28, 2015

baby boy's nursery

So many people have asked me if I have the nursery ready, and my answer is... not yet. I know, seems so unlike me. But now that the baby is due in 3 months, I'm getting quite nervous and realized I should make a board with my ideas for the nursery to mentally prepare. We have the kitchen renovations going on, so going to another project in the house while another is unfinished drives me crazy that I can't focus on the nursery quite yet. But I can start planning in the meantime, and share our travel and adventure theme we have in mind. It only seemed natural since we love traveling, and why not bring up the kid to want to travel and see the world. Plus, I love the lightness and different tones we could use for the room. It is making me all kinds of excited!  

1. Rocking chair: A rocking chair is something I never really thought in buying, but the more I am hearing how much you have to get up in the middle of the night for feeding, I am starting to realize it's vital to have. I love this one and it's comfy design, and large back. 

2. Map decor: I wasn't quite sure what kind of theme and color scheme we would do for our boy, and I didn't want to go too boyish because it's not either my husband and my style. So we went with a travel/adventure theme. We love traveling so we thought a large map print would be perfect. And not only that, but I love the colors in this map. I love the different shades of blue and pops of the colors. 

3. Pouf:  I love this pop of color in this fun pouf. It kind of plays with the colors of the map, but it's own bright piece. 

4. Rug: I'm a bit picky when it comes to rugs. I want to get one with cool pattern, but doesn't scream kid. I love something you can use if you decide to change the theme. I also like the light grey to brighten up the space.

5.Crib: The crib is probably the hardest piece for me to pick out. I'm pretty sure we want to go with a white, simple, and modern crib. We still got to check out more stores, but I'm really loving this one. 

6. Pillows and linen: The the crib linen, I want simple patterns, and lots of variety of light blues.  I'm loving this whale pillow so much too, such a cute little detail.

7. Vintage suitcases: I love these cute vintage suitcases that can be used for diapers and random baby stuff.  Can be placed on top of the dresser or changing table to make sure those little hands don't reach. 

8.Storage baskets: When the kids are just born, they really don't have many toys they really are interested quite yet. Having storage baskets like these in variety of sizes can store them til they are bigger, and you can also use one of the taller baskets as a hamper too. 

9. Decor: I love decor that goes with the theme of the room, but also has to be things that I gotta make sure wont break into a million pieces if baby were to drop them. I like that this table lamp looks sturdy and so modern. And this pretty globe is just so pretty and simple. 

10. Wooden dresser: I love the color of the dresser. It's such a calming blue, and so chic. I especially love the gold hardware too! I probably would like a tiny bit longer one, but this is pretty darn close to being perfect! 

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