Monday, July 20, 2015

Current Kitchen

I wanted to give an update on our kitchen. We are a little delayed in schedule, like I knew we would, but it was more of a small hiccup because our floors weren't installed when we needed them to, and pushed the project a bit. We are delayed about a week and half. Today cabinets are being installed. And our appliances will also get installed. Woo!

But I wanted to share the process to this point.

Demo day:

They ripped off the cabinets and got rid of all the appliances. So much old wallpaper was exposed!

Drywall & flooring:

The flooring was installed the following week after demo, and then the window was ripped off to create a smaller window. They also fixed walls and did drywall. 


Here you can see the bright white paint! We wanted this room to be very light and bright so we went with clean white color. Here you can see the flooring a bit better too.

Can't wait to show you the finished product. We are getting really close, so stay tuned! 

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