Monday, July 6, 2015

maternity summer musts

Summer time is here and this pregnant lady is needing cool comfort, but with style. My belly is growing, and i'm starting to go into the pregnant look (my belly is rounding out!) , and my clothes are getting more limited. But here are a few things I've been wearing lately, and have been working for me in the LA heat.
maternity musts

maxi dress- The maxi dress has been my easy and comfy dress I've been rocking lately. I also have been doing a simple jersey dress too. It just stretches so easily, and I feel no restrictions around the belly.  

tee shirt- Tees are so comfy. Especially sleeveless ones. But the key to tees for me are to make sure they are loose fitting, and purposely not tight. Makes it easy because most stores have them with so many cool prints. 

tank top I've been getting cheap tanks from Forever 21 and using them as undershirts, They fit long so they go over the belly nicely. So if I'm wearing a tee that's a little shorter, the undershirt just shows slightly and I feel more secure.

strapless bra - I'm a fan of this particular bra. Not just any strapless but, the ones that are stretchy, and have no wires. They really are so easy to wear and don't bother me after a whole day of being out. Seriously, comfort for the gals is a must! 

shorts Shorts for the summer are just an essential, especially ones with an elastic waist. They feel like I'm wearing pj shorts, except these are cute! These have been one of my go-to pieces for an easy day out. 

sandals- Sandals are my favorite. These strapy ones are so cute.  You also have to make sure they are easy to slip on to,  and don't take too much effort to put on especially since that belly makes it harder to bend over. 

flats- I love pointed flats, mostly because they dress up an outfit. Heels can sometimes be a pain and flats are a comfy alternative, goes great with jeans or a dress! 

And if you guys have any suggestions for maternity clothes, I would love to know! 

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