Monday, July 13, 2015

Pregnancy thus far...

Being  pregnant has been different than I imagined. I guess you really don't know until you experience it. And for each woman, its so different that it's hard to generalize. Here are some things have surprised me, and if you're a're probably thinking, "DUH!" But I'm learning along the way, and quite an experience.

First, I thought I would "feel it" when I was pregnant. I read online about so many women who said they just felt different, and just knew they were pregnant. I actually didn't. I felt like the same way I felt the month before. So much so, that I didn't believe I was pregnant at first. No one tells you that pregnancy signs are a bit like "I'm about to get my period" signs, at least to me. 

Morning sickness never came, or food aversions. I waited for them, mostly because I thought I would be prone to it. I'm sure moms who went through it probably want to punch me in the face a bit because I hear they are the worst. But trust me, super thankful I didn't get them. But the way people talk about pregnancy, morning sickness always seemed like a given. I just assumed everyone got it. And even in the beginning when I told people I was feeling fine, the response I would get was, "just wait, I got them  when I was 8 weeks" or something like, "oh, but you'll definitely get food aversions." Why can't it be okay for me to feel okay? I'm not sure, but I'm happy and grateful for feeling good thus far.

The body change. The change is amazing, but it has been an adjustment for me. I have, for the most part, been the same size since I was 20. Probably a few pounds here or there, but I kind of had had the same figure. And now with a kid growing inside, it really is an adjustment for me.  But don't get me wrong, I love the reason my body is growing because it means this kiddo is growing, but man oh man. I am quite the shopper and I love clothes, so clothes not fitting me the same is a bit of a hit on my confidence. I feel selfish even saying it out loud. But at the same time, having this important reason your body is growing gives you a different kind of confidence, which somehow counter balances. I think once I'm a bit bigger, I will feel better too. But I'm finally popping and I think people are finally realizing I'm pregnant, and not have a natural belly which is making me feel good these days.

The itchiness is such a pain. Oh man, it's pretty bad. I try not to scratch because I hear you get stretch marks that way. And I lather layers of lotion, but I still feel itchy, especially on the gals. I just want to rip them off, no joke. This L.A. heat doesn't help either. The sweat somehow makes it worse. I even got a heat rash from it. I also hear the itchiness goes to your belly too, haven't experienced that yet but I'm guessing it's right around the corner. 

Maternity clothes aren't cheap. I only have 4 real maternity items at the moment and they are all things I got on clearance. I think I have dress(I haven't worn yet), a 2 tees, and a pair of jeans. Most of the things don't fit quite well yet but I have there when the time comes. I have worn the jeans though. The fall down my but a bit, but they are pretty comfy. I usually pop my head into Target and Old Navy and see what kind of deals they have for maternity. They sometimes have a few things that are good. It's always smart to look for the deals. But I have been buying non maternity shift dresses, shorts with stretchy bands that will fit me now and possibly post baby, and oversized shirts that are meant to be loose and long. I'm sure my belly will get too big that I will have to budge for real maternity clothes but for now, I'm holding off on a maternity shopping spree. 

The baby movements are amazing. Okay, okay, so people did tell me about this one. But no matter how in detail someone explains to you this feeling, you will never comprehend it until you feel it. It's wonderful. I feel him a lot. They no longer are small flutters( which to be honest, I sometimes wasn't even sure if it was baby or hunger sometimes) but now they are real movements that I feel all day long. I just love sitting still and feel him making himself comfy in there. And I can see the movements on my belly too. Uh-mazing!

What were some of the most surprising things to you about pregnancy? I'm sure I'll have another list when the 3rd trimester comes! 

P.S. the picture above is 2 weeks ago. I'm now 25 weeks and probably popping a bit more. 

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