Tuesday, August 25, 2015

summer to fall

I can't even believe I'm talking about fall, because here in LA we are in the high 90s this whole week. But I can't help myself. It's my favorite season and I love to think about it.

Anyhow, I wanted to share some fun simple items that can be used to transition from this Summer season to the cooler Fall season. I love clothes that can be used with different seasons and transition well with accessories or layers.  And what I love about these items is that I can even rock them while preggo!
summer to fall

Gray dress I love this jersey dress! I love the simplicity, but also the small little design details! This is a perfect dress for the summer time, and also layer for the fall/

open cardigan I love me some open long cardigans. This one is very neutral colors and can be used on the cooler summer nights, or be used for an all day outfit in the fall. 

Maxi skirt This skirt is just stunning. I can picture wearing this with a tee, or tank for the hot summer, or even pairing it with a cute sweater for the fall. The white and brown skirt combo really allows it to be used for both seasons.

fringe boots When you think boots, I think we all automatically think of fall, but what's nice about booties is how casual and versatile they can be. And these fringe ones are very fun and trendy for all year long, easy to pair with a dress, shorts, and jeans.

Fossil handbag Maroon can be more in the fall deeper colors,  but I kind of see it as a neutral and be used a lot, especially crossbody bags. 

 sunglasses I love tortoiseshell glasses! And these are perfect for anytime, especially the cool simple shape helps with it not looking too seasonal.

hat Hats are usually a summer staple, but a wool floppy can also be stylish for the fall and will make any outfit a lot more put together, even if you're having a bad hair day! 

Monday, August 24, 2015


Vintage, vintage, vinatge. I love vintage clothes. Some people aren't into it, but I just love finding one of a kind items with thought out details, and amazing prints you just can't find anymore.

Here in LA, we have quite a few places I just love going to. And usually leave with a couple items each time. But when it comes to shopping, I like places that are less busy, and so cluttered that makes the whole experience more enjoyable. I wanted to share my 3 top favorite places I like stopping in when vintage shopping is calling my name.

Shareen is located in DTLA, on Spring St. And it's not near all the hustle and bustle either, it's actually in an industrial part of L.A in a warehouse. It is kind of tricky to find because the entrance is actually on the other side of Spring St, so just be on the look out for a chalkboard sign, and a bright red tutu!

Playclothes is located in Burbank on Magnolia. What I love about this place is how much diversity they have. They have women, men, and home goods and it's all pretty reasonably priced. There are other vintage stores on Magnolia, but Playclothes is definitely my favorite!

American Vintage is located on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks. What I like about this place is how many good items they always have for affordable prices. I feel it's really organized and with a large enough space where it's easy to shop. They have a few locations, but this one is my favorite, and it's a plus that there are other vintage and boutique shops around.

Hope that helps if you've always been afraid to go vintage shopping. It can be overwhelming at first, kind of like a first time thrift shop haul, but give it a chance and some time and you're bound to find a gem! If I ever find a good sixties dress, I'm always a repeat customer! :)

Happy Monday, friends!


Monday, August 17, 2015


30 weeks pregnant. Does it scare me? A little bit. I think it's becoming more real that everything is going to change. I feel like in a way I'm counting down to Ralph and my alone time that I'm so used to. But I also know that this kid is going to be an all kind of new adventure, but at the moment it's so hard to imagine when we both haven't ever experienced this kind of change. We are so used to doing our own thing, going here or there without any worries, and I know things won't be quite the same. Lots more planning.

The other thing that scares me is how unprepared I am. For anyone that knows me, this is soooo very unlike me. I'm a planner when it comes to important things. And being a mom has been something I've always wanted and dreamed of. I am naturally nurturing and love being around kids, but I feel like with all the renovations that were going on in my house, I haven't mentally prepared myself for whats coming soon. And I don't even have a nursery ready. What?!? So much to do in the next 10 weeks. I slowly started thinking about the nursery, and we finally did a baby registry this last weekend. It felt a bit better, but also overwhelming. I know there are some things we need, like a crib, car seats, ect. And I saw a ton of things I wasn't sure if it was really necessary, or what brands are better than others.  So many options, it's hard to even know if what I'm choosing is even right. Maybe my brain is just not functioning in the same full throttle sort of way. Oh, pregnancy brain!  

And speaking of pregnancy brain, who knew this whole thing is real. I constantly have to remind myself about doctor appointments, or write down something I plan on doing or else I will completely forget. I also am so much more emotional. I'm so touchy with the dumbest things, I kind of hate it. I try not to act on it, and if I did I probably wouldn't have the friendships or relationships I have because I just want to tell him how hurt or annoyed I am by them. And it's just me being super sensitive. I feel like I suddenly became more needy, but only on my terms. It's insane. I even cried over my granite being backed up by 2 weeks, and vented to Ralph. Poor guy. But for the most part, I have control of these emotions so I don't seem like a crazy person all the time.

Thankfully, we are just about done with our kitchen, and  I'll be able to focus more on baby. I definitely have remembered I'm pregnant, but I also have been distracted with other things that it has made this go by quicker than usual. I feel like I need more time to really soak it all in (minus all the emotions). Except there's no way of giving it more time, this kid is coming soon whether we're ready or not. I'm confident it will all fine and come together. This planner girl is just surprised how it's all played out. Besides all that crazy part, I'm just super excited to meet this kiddo who makes me so happy. It may sound like it, but I am. Pregnancy has just played out differently with how prepared I am not, or how my brain would be so irrational. But the whole experience of having a baby grow and live inside of you is seriously the best thing ever. I love feeling his little kicks, and punches. I like that he already lets me know when it's time to eat, or he's uncomfortable in a certain position. I like that I'm already taking care of him, and that I really do love him more and more everyday. I love that he is an outcome of our love. I love praying for the boy, and man he will be. I just get excited just thinking of all the fun things we will get to show him.

C'mon next 10 weeks, bring it on.  Ready to meet our baby boy, Jonah.

Friday, August 14, 2015

geometric cake

This fun little geometric cake was just so fun to make. I haven't made a cake since the renovation and I finally got the chance to make on this week for one of my favorite brands, Dear Creatures. It was really good to make a cake again and loved the colors and shapes. It was a great project to do to get my creative juices flowing again.

I also liked playing with the colors a lot, and making random shapes. I love the bold and light colors mixed, as well as the gold triangles too. The cake was made like Erica Obrien's geometric cake. She really makes the loveliest cakes, so trying to do a cake like hers was intimidating. But so happy with the colorful outcome!

Have a good weekend, friends!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

kitchen pretties

Now that the kitchen is soon to be done, I'm starting to think of fun things to add to the kitchen that adds color and design but also functionality to the space. A few things I have already, but I am thinking of replacing with newer and more with the style of the new kitchen. I still love pops of color in my kitchen so that won'e be changing, but maybe in a more subtle way this time.

kitchen pretties

Chalkboard: I want a large vertical chalkboard in my kitchen. I like the idea of writing a menu, to do list, or just a simple daily quote. I have an area for it, but let's see if I can sale the husband on it. (he hates making holes on newly done walls! haha)

Herb Garden: I always wanted an herb garden. I kind of want to do a hanging one. It just feel like it can freshen up the space, and I know it's something I would use a whole lot with cooking.

Olive Oil Glass: We have a white simple looking one which I do like, except I can't ever tell how much I actually have inside! Also, the opening to the current one I have is so large, I want something can do a simple drizzle.

Salt & Pepper Shaker: This is probably something I don't need, but I love the style and pop of colors. I have a pair of cute ones, but let's add a couple more to the collection.

Timer: We all need a cute timer in the kitchen. I know most ovens come with one, but while not all style and color to the space.

Cookbooks: I sure have a small collection of cookbooks, but not nearly enough. I am loving this five book set. Loving the simplicity of it.

Spice containers: I currently have a spice rack we got for our wedding. I actually don't find it, except there are way more spices I use that cab't fit into my rack. Also, the labels that came with my spice jars are all rubbed off. I think we are just due for a new one.

Cutting Board: I am in need of a thick hefty cutting board. We have set of cheaper ones, and I haven't minded them thus far until one cracked in half right before the renovation. I came to the conclusion that we need a new one.

Knife: And c'mon a new knife is a must, especially a Japanese one.

Canisters: I love these blue canisters. I have mismatched ones at the moment, but I kind of like the idea of them matching now.

Kitchen Towels: I always buy these. I feel like kitchen towels get used up a lot and are just so handy.

I can't wait to add the finishing touches to the kitchen. It's going to be so fun, especially since it's my favorite room in the house!!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Baby Chang

We have finally decided on a name for our little one. It hasn't been a secret but since we are set on the name finally, we have been telling everyone now.  But still no middle name, he might just be middle nameless like me, but we don't know quite yet. Anyhow, our little guy is Jonah Chang! We played with a lot options, but we always went back to Jonah, and I kind of love calling him by name now.

And speaking of our little guy, we wanted to share a cool little video with you guys! Our friends started UFILMicut, a cool editing service where you get your raw footage from your phone or GoPro, as well as images and they edit and create a fun little video for you. Our friend is a Hollywood movie trailer editor so he really knows what he's doing when it comes to bringing the image and videos together. He made this little baby announcement for us and we loved how it came out. It feels so personalized, without me having to personally make the video. Definitely check it out!

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