Wednesday, August 5, 2015

kitchen pretties

Now that the kitchen is soon to be done, I'm starting to think of fun things to add to the kitchen that adds color and design but also functionality to the space. A few things I have already, but I am thinking of replacing with newer and more with the style of the new kitchen. I still love pops of color in my kitchen so that won'e be changing, but maybe in a more subtle way this time.

kitchen pretties

Chalkboard: I want a large vertical chalkboard in my kitchen. I like the idea of writing a menu, to do list, or just a simple daily quote. I have an area for it, but let's see if I can sale the husband on it. (he hates making holes on newly done walls! haha)

Herb Garden: I always wanted an herb garden. I kind of want to do a hanging one. It just feel like it can freshen up the space, and I know it's something I would use a whole lot with cooking.

Olive Oil Glass: We have a white simple looking one which I do like, except I can't ever tell how much I actually have inside! Also, the opening to the current one I have is so large, I want something can do a simple drizzle.

Salt & Pepper Shaker: This is probably something I don't need, but I love the style and pop of colors. I have a pair of cute ones, but let's add a couple more to the collection.

Timer: We all need a cute timer in the kitchen. I know most ovens come with one, but while not all style and color to the space.

Cookbooks: I sure have a small collection of cookbooks, but not nearly enough. I am loving this five book set. Loving the simplicity of it.

Spice containers: I currently have a spice rack we got for our wedding. I actually don't find it, except there are way more spices I use that cab't fit into my rack. Also, the labels that came with my spice jars are all rubbed off. I think we are just due for a new one.

Cutting Board: I am in need of a thick hefty cutting board. We have set of cheaper ones, and I haven't minded them thus far until one cracked in half right before the renovation. I came to the conclusion that we need a new one.

Knife: And c'mon a new knife is a must, especially a Japanese one.

Canisters: I love these blue canisters. I have mismatched ones at the moment, but I kind of like the idea of them matching now.

Kitchen Towels: I always buy these. I feel like kitchen towels get used up a lot and are just so handy.

I can't wait to add the finishing touches to the kitchen. It's going to be so fun, especially since it's my favorite room in the house!!

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