Thursday, September 3, 2015

family dining space ideas

Since we are now done with our kitchen, we are working on our new family dining space off the kitchen. We have a formal dining room, but want something more casual. We have gotten some of the things for the space already, except it's not put together quite yet. But here are some of the things we have going on in the space.

dining ideas

 herb planter I really want fresh plants/herbs in the back room. It's so bright and airy that it only makes sense! I think it will freshen up the space even more. 

gold bar cart We currently have a gold bar cart in the back that I have to give a fresher coat at some point. It' so one of my favorite things. Ours is a bit different to this one since ours is vintage. But this one is pretty cool too.

glass decanter, A good bar set is a must for the cart. We have a lot of glass cool sets. Let's hope they survive with baby on the way.

Chalkboard I always wanted a chalkboard in our kitchen. I love the idea of writing a menu when guests come over, or even a to-do/ grocery list. 

Paper wall art We don't have any art in the room quite yet, but we do have a wall that would be perfect for some. I love the idea of cute fruit or veggie art on the wall to give the space some color. 

 Crosley  Turntable We have this crosby turntable already, and it was in the living room before. It doesn't really match with the living space, but goes perfect in the dining area and seems like the ideal thing to have on when guests are over! 

mid century table This item is the key piece to our space. It's a 10 seater mid century table from west elm. We ordered it and are still waiting for it. Can't wait for it to arrive because it makes the space feel empty.

 dining chair We love these chairs. They are a knock off of the Eames chairs, but they are comfy, convenient, and cool...oh yeah, and affordable! They are just waiting for their table!

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