Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Our Kitchen: Before & After

So we have been officially done with the kitchen as of last week! Yay! Technically, we were kind of done before last week, but were waiting on the window to be installed. But now, we have no workers and it feels great to have our space back.

What we did in 6 weeks:
A complete renovation of our kitchen.
Added a family dining space
New floors throughout the whole downstairs
New baseboards
Updated bathroom floors

Today I will be sharing just the kitchen space since it's the biggest change in our house. I had an idea of what I wanted the kitchen to look like, but the outcome exceeded my expectations. We had some tiny bumps on the road so sometimes it was a bit discouraging. But thankfully we had a good contractor, and it all worked out!


Here are some images from when we bought the house. Empty and maroon walls.

 This is how it looked like when we lived here. Who remembers this closed off kitchen? I do! I didn't realize how much I needed counter space until I now have more. And that giant window was not my favorite! Here's more detailed pictures from before the renovations.

 The flow between the two rooms didn't every connect although there was bar seating on the other side.
And of course all of our appliances needed updating. I don't miss this kitchen at all. 

Here you can see the old laminate floors, and older cabinets too. 

 I think this is probably the biggest difference in view. Before we had this panel closing off the whole space to the kitchen and just never felt like it belonged.

 And here's our kitchen now. This actually the same view as the picture above. Can you believe how open it feels now? We added some shelving on the island to add some cookbooks.

 The biggest difference for me is having a large island for prep space. One of my request was a large island to make my cakes, so now that we have it, I don't know how we did it without it. I also love that it works as a counter bar space and we can have people seated there why we finish up dinner.

Since we removed our double oven, I wanted to make sure we got a good range with an oven. So far, it's been great. I especially love having the hood over too. And the dishwasher is now to the right of the sink which makes it super convenient. Also, we got ourselves a farm sink. It's so big and wide, it's been  really awesome.

 Here you can really see the grey tiles we added. I knew I wanted grey long tiles to elongate the space and brighten it up. And the fridge has been one of my favorite upgrades. What a big difference it makes it a kitchen.

 Here you can see the smaller window we added, plus the additional cabinets on the sides of the windows. I really wanted display cabinets, and the space to still have enough storage. And despite getting a smaller window, it didn't close up the space like I was afraid it would. Still gives a lot of light, and makes more sense with the space.

 One thing you may notice is the small wall that the island hits. It was originally suppose to be a post, but when demolition was happening, they realized plumbing ran in the center of the wall, and the only way to make the wall a post was to reroute the plumbing which would be super costly. So we decided to just leave the small wall as is since it really was only a foot of additional wall and the space still felt open with it. It was the only thing we compromised with, and in the end I actually don't mind it because the whole original concept of the kitchen is still there.

We still have a few little decor things we have to adjust, and I'm still slowly organizing everything inside our cabinets. But the kitchen is looking good so far, and I'm super happy with it. So super giddy with this new kitchen, and even though this baby makes me feel more tired than usual, this kitchen motivates me to cook more. It also helps that we had no kitchen for weeks and I didn't have home cooked meals that now it just feels nice to be able to whip something up.

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