Thursday, September 10, 2015


Can you believe September is here? It's one of my favorite months because it means my favorite season is just around the corner. I sure love the fall season, and the cooler weather, except here in LA we are still experiencing 90-100 degree weather, and we had a freak storm pass through for an hour with crazy rain, wind, and thunder, typical LA. 

Anyhow, this month Ralph and I also turn 4 years married, so September has a special place in my heart. Whoa, has time flown by! I'm pretty excited mostly because year 4 brings an addition to this family and we just can't wait for this fun adventure we are going to embark on. 

So today, I'm simply sharing one of my favorite songs ever! Good ol' Earth, Wind, and Fire does it every time for me. I played this song at my wedding and I probably listen to this song almost daily, and just got to dance, how could you not???

Happy Thursday!


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