Monday, October 19, 2015

DIY Baby Air Balloon Mobile

Last week I shared Jonah's room and all the little details. One of the things I DIYed for his room was his baby air balloon mobile. I found the tutorial through pinterest from a blog called I knew I didn't want to buy one since I couldn't find what I wanted exactly. So making it just made sense.

 The tutorial comes with a lot of pieces but thankfully you can print a template. It's very easy and you can do whatever colors you want!
 Once you kind of figure out the template, you can start putting the air balloon together to sew.
 I first started sewing the bigger pieces, and outlining it.
 Then I added the center piece, and kept adding more stitching to the edges.
 Once I was done with both sides, I attatched them together and added the cushion to make it plush. For the exact details, check for tutorial HERE from
As you can see, I added clouds as well! It's simple and really only took me a few hours to complete. And the best part, probably cost me no more than $15.

I hope Jonah loves it, and keeps him mesmerized for days, and nights! Now, we just wait for this kiddo!  

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