Wednesday, October 7, 2015

House Update: Eating Space

Today I'm sharing another House Update! I know, two in a row! If you missed yesterday's, it was an update on our floors in our living space. You can check it out here.  Except today's room is a new room I hardly have shared since it's a new space we just started using. 

This back room was pretty bad when we moved in. The wall on left hand side actually has a window behind it that we opened up, and the dark color room and green carpet was not the business. The room was an add on someone did prior to us moving and meant to be a family room but it's so far from everything else and kind of small. This room is actually right beside the kitchen and even had a counter bar for the kitchen but it definitely never felt part of the space. It's in the very back of the house, and often would be neglected.

This is how it looked before our kitchen renovation. We never knew what to do with it since it was small carpeted space, so we made it into a library/ living room. I looked nice, except it was never used. The table to the right was my "cake making space" since our counters never were ideal for it. It was definitely a mismatched of things going on.

We felt the space had more potential, and could flow better with the new kitchen. This is the view from the corner back room into the kitchen. Here you can see the kitchen bar and how the space was wasted.

And here's the space now! We brightened up the room and actually made it into a eating space. And we also changed the flooring to a grey tile. We still need more small details and decor but so far it's looking way better.

And here you can see how much more open it is to the kitchen. We finally got the table in about a month ago, and it sits 10. I love that we can have larger dinner parties if we wanted to and not worry about space. 

I would love to add a buffet to the space too! But for now, I'm happy this space gets used daily! 

And don't forget to check out the nursery later this week! Stay tuned! 

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