Tuesday, October 6, 2015

House Update: new floors

It's crunch time here in the Chang house as we have 3 weeks left til Jonah is due. It's all beginning to feel real, and we did major cleaning and setting the house up for this baby's arrival. Thankfully we have no more renovations, but it sure felt like we were going to keep on going until his arrival.

Anyway, today I wanted to share our living space since it's one of the rooms we semi did. And by semi did, I mean we actually just did the floors and got rid of that stinky ol' carpet I hated! It opened up the space and made it more modern.
All the before images are from before we moved in. I sometimes forget how bad it was and like looking back to remind myself how far we've come from this dark space.

Here's the our living space now. The decor doesn't look too different from the last time I did the living room update but the floors change the look of the space. I still want to do something with the fireplace, but for now it works.

We went with a dark color floor since I wanted to it to contrast with the white walls we have.

 Here's the view from the fireplace point of view and into the foyer far in the back.

 Here you can see how the floor flows throughout the room as opposed to the carpet patch we used to have. 
And here's the view from the foyer. I love the dark and white contrast we have going on in the living room.

And those stained stairs are still going strong! Remember when I did those way back when?

And guess what? Tomorrow I'll be sharing our dining space and then the nursery! I have a ton of updates to do so stay tuned!

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