Monday, October 12, 2015

Jonah's Nursery

Guess what? Jonah's room is ready! Only took me long enough. Everyone thought I would have his room ready months ago, but it just was hard with kitchen renovations going on the whole summer.  I'm the type of person that likes to work on one big project at a time. Don't get me wrong, I'm a multitasker by trade, but my preference at home is to finish a room at a time or else I feel like  I'm left with multiple giant messes, which drives me crazier and feels overwhelming. But once the kitchen was done, I was on that nursery! I wasn't worried, I knew it would come together.

We had a giant wardrobe in the nursery that my mom wanted and I wanted to get rid of. It was mighty large so it was a bit hard to set the room up with the wardrobe in the way. But finally 2 weeks ago my mom picked it up. I already had the changing table and a dresser for the room, but we recently just got the crib once the wardrobe was out of the way and you'd be surprised what a difference it made and how much easier it made it for me to set the nursery up!

A lot of things we have in the nursery was either given to us, or we owned already. We hardly bought things which was super helpful. I knew I wanted the nursery be more pastel with lots of colors, and different shades of blue. I also knew I wanted an explorer/ adventure theme. Ralph and I love traveling so it's only right to get Jonah to love the thought of adventure.

The bedroom was already this blue/greyish shade. And after all the renovations we had finished, I was in no mood to paint the room when I was more than okay with this shade. It's boyish, neutral, and brightens up the room.  For such a small room, I wanted the room to appear light and airy.

Thankfully my sister gave me changing table, I just painted it ombre to change it up a bit. We also started a gallery wall for Jonah's room.

 As you can see, maps were my inspiration. I just love the different colors they have and how they all correlate. I'm sure through the months, I will change things here and there but for now I'm happy with the space. I would love a little bookshelf in the space at some point for toy storage and more books, but Jonah isn't in the need for one quite yet.

The room I thought would never come together is finally done. I feel at ease and okay if Jonah were to come any moment. We're ready as we can be.


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