Thursday, October 8, 2015

What's in my Hospital Bag

Let's talk about what should go in your hospital bag. I'm no expert since this is my first go, but I got lots of advice from mommas, and nurses and they helped guide me in what is a must to bring. Some are preferences, but thought this was useful for those as clueless as me.

hospital bag
1. You would think your wallet and phone is a given, you'd be wrong. Some people don't think to bring their wallet but you really should since you need your I.D, and insurance card tend to usually be in there. And as your phone, if you're like me, you need to let family know that you're in labor and for those iphone pictures. And don't forget to take your phone charger!!!

2. Toiletries is a must. I think most hospitals will give you a generic pack, but if you have preferences and just want a touch of home, bring the things you like to use. Deodorant, toothbrush, shampoos, and lip balms. I hear lip balms as a must since hospitals are dry, and I'm prone to chapped lips so I'll be bring that with me for sure.

3. Duh, your hospital bag. It's just easier to carry everything in one place so make sure your bag is roomy. And make sure it's easy access to grabbing it as you head the door or if you know you're due any day, just put it in your car!

4. Nursing bras seems like a great idea especially with all the visitors you'll be getting. And it also seems like a nursing bra is the easiest way to go with pulling and putting the boob away quick. And don't forget to pack comfy undies too!

5. Snacks I think is more of personal preference. Some people have told me to eat before I go since they won't feed when you're in labor until after. Ice chips will be your BFF, but if you need that food, bring light snacks. Pretzels or granola bars may make their way into my bag.

6. If you have a good camera, take it. Might as well be prepared for those cute newborn pictures. If an iphone camera is what you prefer, that's okay too. Just make sure you have enough storage space for all those photos. 

7. While you're in the hospital, they will provide little hospital onesies for your little one, but you may want to pack some extra outfits for them. Hospital photographers do come by so you may want to change them into something cuter, and you may also want to take them home in a more peronalized outfit as well. 

8. A tablet can be something you can store your labor playlist in, or watch some movies if you're waiting to be dilated further. It's not a bad idea since tablets have so many entertaining things to do on them. Just make sure you have all the things you may need downloaded already in case the hospital has no wifi. Keep that in mind. 

9. Comfy clothes for you! (unless you want to be in a hospital gown the whole time.) But most of us want to be in some comfort of our clothes. Just make sure the top is something that can be easy to nurse in. You can bring a robe, some sweats, t-shirts, or whatever is comfiest. Oh, and don't forget slippers or sandals! Oh, and an outfit to go home in too!

The hospital really has most things you need as far as diapers, and baby stuff. They will also feed you afterwards so don't you worry if you forget something. Most of these things are more comfort and personal things we'd like to carry! And one thing I didn't mention because you don't necessarily pack it in your hospital bag but you NEED is a car seat properly installed in your car. They won't let you go home with baby without it. So make sure you have that installed before.

What are some things you packed that were a life saver for you? Let me know, this first time mama likes the extra advice. 

Xoxo- Priscilla 

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