Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Hello! It's December and November passed me by. It's been almost 6 weeks since Jonah has been in our lives, and now I can't imagine him not in it. He's the perfect addition to our little family. But it wasn't an easy walk in the park to get him here. Oh, the contractions were the worst, the pushing wasn't as bad as I imagined, and the outcome was wonderful.

I wanted to share my birthing story before I forget it all, and it becomes a blur. Because I'm starting to forget how painful it was that a second child doesn't seem like a bad idea. Haha!

For me, everything started the day before Jonah was born. I went to my regular weekly doctor's appointment since I was 39 weeks and almost due. The week before I was 75% effaced, and only dilated 1cm. This time I was 80% effaced, and 1.5 cm effaced. Not much had changed, but he was very low. So the doctor asked if I wanted to induce my labor by getting a membrane sweep. I actually had no idea what it was so she explained and said it was a way to induce your labor, but it doesn't always fasten the process. Some people will start going into labor within the 48 hours of the sweep and some others won't go into labor until another week. We basically got it done so I wouldn't go past my due date. I heard being overdue isn't very fun.

That day of the membrane sweep I just felt funny. The sweep isn't the most comfortable thing so I just thought maybe I just felt weird because of it. But I just had this strange feeling. Then that night, I began to bleed and my mucus plug came out. Right then I knew it was coming sooner than later. Ralph and I watched a show on netflix, then I decided we should sleep early, and had a feeling I would need the sleep. And sure enough, the contractions started at 1:45am!

During the contractions, all I kept thinking was how in the world women have multiple pregnancies because contractions are so painful. I waited for an hour to see if the contractions were ongoing. And they kept coming every 4-5 minutes and it wasn't going away. Finally by 3am I made my way to the hospital. I went in and my contractions were being monitored and they were happening every 2-4 minutes but I was only dilated 1.5cm like the day before. They checked for 2 hours and nothing changed. They told me to walk around for 45 minutes to see if that would help and if nothing else, I could go home and come back once I was more dilated. I began to walk but every time I got a contraction, my legs would shake and couldn't walk so we went back to the room.

When they checked me again, I was already 4cm. and by this time it was around 6am. The doctor came to check me and told me Jonah would be born by 6pm. I couldn't believe he would be here by the end of the day. The figured it would be slow so they gave me a bit of pitocin to help induce the labor, and I asked for the epidural because I was in a lot of discomfort and pain. My sister also told me it takes some time to get the epidural ordered so I figured I'd better ask sooner than later. Somehow when they came back to check me, I was already 7cm and in a lot of pain. The doctor also broke my water and the epidural was going to be put into me. I was in soooo much pain, I was just ready for the epidural. Once it was done, I began to feel a numbness come over my body, except it only on my right side. My right leg was completely heavy and numb, and my left side was mobile, and I could feel the contractions still. Not as bad, but I could slightly feel them. They had me lie on my left side to see if the epidural would spread. It wasn't too bad of a pain on the left side, but then it got intense! It was very painful despite the epidural. And they checked me again and I was already at 9cm! They gave me a boost for the epidural because I couldn't hang and it actually helped.

The delivery table with all the tools were in the room, and I knew he was coming faster than expected! It was around noon and they told me I was going to start pushing, Since I could feel the contractions and the nurse told me to let her know when I felt the strong contractions so I could push. The pushing wasn't too bad and the nurse was so wonderful and coached me through the pain. I began to crown and the doctor was called in. I felt like I could push Jonah out already except the doctor still wasn't there! He finally came in and I seriously only pushed a couple times with the doctor before Jonah came out.

The moment was surreal. I saw his little head and top part of his body out, and then to my surprise, the doctor told me to grab Jonah and pull the rest of him out and place him on my chest! It was crazy, and so cool too. It was so wonderful to have him on me as soon as he was born. So many tears just came out as soon as I saw him. He was beautiful and just having Ralph be with me to experience the whole thing was wonderful. I loved it. One of the best moments of my life. Now I understand why women do it again and again despite the pain. The outcome is beyond words and the love you feel is unexplainable.

He's going on 6 weeks this week, getting nice and chunky, and eating like a champ! He's got a spunky personality, and loves to kill us with his smiles. He's seriously the best, and love him a whole ton!

Here's his face these days!

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