Thursday, February 25, 2016

What's in my (diaper) bag

My type of purse I carry around has drastically changed since Jonah. I love cross body bags but since Jonah loves being in a carrier, I have to carry a crossbody on my shoulder and it kills it after a long period! Diaper bags weren't doing it for me either. So, I did something I never thought I'd do! I got a backpack! Total game changer. Its super helpful and fits everything I need.

Here's what I'm carrying lately:
What's in my diaper bag

1. Diapers- No need to explain why you need to carry tons of these. Babies poop...all...the ...time. So be prepared.

2.Wipes- These don't help wipe their little behinds, but help clean everything!

3. Swaddler- I use it for multipurpose. Light blanket or even towel.

4.Wallet- I must keep my wallet at hand. And one that zips up is helpful.

5.Pacifier- Jonah doesn't use one much, but there has been those rare times he does and I rather be prepared.

6. Diaper Trash Bags- These are joke. I use them for dirty clothes or dirty diapers. Those happen a lot.

7. Diaper Pad- You never know where you have to change that kiddo, so an easy to take diaper pad is a must.

8. Extra Clothes- I would say a couple outfits come in handy. Babies have accidents so just be prepared.

9.Personal Items: Lip balm, Keys, Hand Sanitizer- Whatever is a must for you, take it with you. Just make sure they are essentials for you since there isn't much room for all these items.

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