Thursday, April 28, 2016

baby items: 6 months

As Jonah has been getting older, things I've had have been more handy these days. He's in such an exploring stage that some items have made my life easier. And I want to share it to all you mommas out there! I'm sure some are no brainers, but others I'm discovering as I go.

1. Graco Bumper Jumper So I had a few baby jumpers people had given me, and I had tried to put Jonah in them in the past, and he's was so not interested. But just like that, he loves it. He's been jumping up a storm and it actually helps me sometimes if I just want to get dressed in the morning. 

2. Bibs- Bibs are something we have around all the time. First, it helps all his drooling and absorbs all the drool that usually soaks up his shirt. And secondly, it keeps all his clothes clean from all that new solid foods he's been having. Bibs seemed kind of pointless in the beginning and now it's a necessity! 

3. Books- We have been reading to Jonah since he's been born. But lately I've only been reading from the hard paged books because he loves to grab each page. Those hard pages books are clunkier, but at least he's not ripping all the pages, just maybe adding a little slobber

4. Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder  - This baby food feeder has been very awesome for eating, and teething. This kid chews on that mesh end for quite some time and really likes it. I sometimes even put an ice cube for gum soothing, and drinking of some water. 

5. Sophie- This teething giraffe is suppose to be a miracle toy, or so they say. But believe it or not, Jonah actually plays with this toy for some time and really likes it. It's my go-to toy to distract him in the car seat(he hates that thing), and makes the drive more pleasant. 

6. Ice Cube Trays- I have been using ice cube trays to store baby food I make. But it must be the ice cube trays with lids to keep the freshness and not contaminate it with other things. They sell similar ones for babies, but it's exactly the same as regular trays with lids and a cheaper, 

 7. Kitchenaid immersion blender This isn;t a baby item, but I swear by it. I love my emmersion blender for soups, sauces, ect, but I think it makes the perfect baby food blender since it makes it so smooth!!

8. Baby Sunscreen Spray- Sunscreen comes in all different shapes and forms. I have been using the stick, and the lotion, but honestly, they are hard to put on my squirmy babe. The spray is fast and less temptation to put in his mouth. 

A lot of these are no brainers, but super helpful. Hope these tips help you!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Watercolor Cake

I was invited by my fun gal pals, Brooke and Summer from The Girls With Glasses to attend their Mother's Day Brunch with a bunch of other cute talented gals. We all contributed to the party, and since I like making desserts, I brought over a bright watercolor cake to go with gal's decor and color scheme. It was so fun to experiment and try a new technique with the cake.

I used 6 color frostings to "watercolor" my cake and used an offset spatula for the effect. The nice thing about this effect is that it doesn't have to look perfect. The texture and the colors is what makes the cake stand out. 

 And here's a closer look of the cake. I loved the outcome because it very much reminded me of watercolor, and the vibrant colors just made me smile. It went so well with the brunch colors too!

It was such a great time and I really enjoyed my time with all these lovely talented gals. They all brought something fun to the party. Check out Megan from Healthy Grocery Girl for her Citrus Salad, and Melanie Ham for her cute hand stitching name tags! I love when gals can all bring their talents to make such a beautiful outcome. And thanks to The Girls With Glasses for hosting such a lovely and yummy brunch for us. It made my first Mother's Day so special! 

Photos by Casey Brodley

Friday, April 22, 2016

six months

Can you believe Jonah is 6 months today?? I can't, its flown by!!! We are just loving having him be part of our family, and cannot imagine our life without him. And him being more active is sooooooo fun! Here's a small little update on our little guy.

He's so adventerous, and I know he's going to be an active one. He rolls from his back to his belly and likes to sleep that way. Scared the life out of me, but then again, I sleep that way too! Thankfully, he knows how to roll for days, so I no longer worry. 

He definitely is my little buddy, and we do everything together. From all our grocery shopping to baking my cakes. 

And each day seems like he's pick up something new. He's absorbing it all.

And of course daddy is completely smitten with him. We love going on hikes with him since he's such an observer. 

But I have a feeling he will be a momma's boy. The way he exhales when he's in my arms or the sweet smiles just make me know that he feels all the love I pour out to him. We are so blessed to be his parents.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Rosemary & Grapefruit

So sorry for the delay on this thing. Sometimes I try really hard to get things posted, but I just love my time with Jonah and get caught up with his cuteness. I think that's pretty excusable! I'll update you on him soon! He's adorable and I can talk about him all day, so I'll keep it for a separate post.

Anyhow, Recently I was inspired by a yummy looking cocktail, a rosemary grapefruit spritzer. It seemed like a good inspiration for a cake and I had been wanting to make a cake for myself. And sometimes when I want to try new combos, I rather test it out on myself first just in case it sucks. haha!

I've been using this chocolate recipe, and i really like it. I did a simple vanilla buttercream with a touch of grapefruit juice and rosemary simple syrup I made. I thought it was a yummy combo with the chocolate too! 

And of course to decorate I used fresh grapefruit and rosemary. The bright colors made the cake look so fresh. And I did the "naked" buttercream way of covering the cake. Honestly this cake was super easy to make. And it made the perfect cake for coffee and wine when I had guests over this past weekend!
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