Thursday, April 28, 2016

baby items: 6 months

As Jonah has been getting older, things I've had have been more handy these days. He's in such an exploring stage that some items have made my life easier. And I want to share it to all you mommas out there! I'm sure some are no brainers, but others I'm discovering as I go.

1. Graco Bumper Jumper So I had a few baby jumpers people had given me, and I had tried to put Jonah in them in the past, and he's was so not interested. But just like that, he loves it. He's been jumping up a storm and it actually helps me sometimes if I just want to get dressed in the morning. 

2. Bibs- Bibs are something we have around all the time. First, it helps all his drooling and absorbs all the drool that usually soaks up his shirt. And secondly, it keeps all his clothes clean from all that new solid foods he's been having. Bibs seemed kind of pointless in the beginning and now it's a necessity! 

3. Books- We have been reading to Jonah since he's been born. But lately I've only been reading from the hard paged books because he loves to grab each page. Those hard pages books are clunkier, but at least he's not ripping all the pages, just maybe adding a little slobber

4. Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder  - This baby food feeder has been very awesome for eating, and teething. This kid chews on that mesh end for quite some time and really likes it. I sometimes even put an ice cube for gum soothing, and drinking of some water. 

5. Sophie- This teething giraffe is suppose to be a miracle toy, or so they say. But believe it or not, Jonah actually plays with this toy for some time and really likes it. It's my go-to toy to distract him in the car seat(he hates that thing), and makes the drive more pleasant. 

6. Ice Cube Trays- I have been using ice cube trays to store baby food I make. But it must be the ice cube trays with lids to keep the freshness and not contaminate it with other things. They sell similar ones for babies, but it's exactly the same as regular trays with lids and a cheaper, 

 7. Kitchenaid immersion blender This isn;t a baby item, but I swear by it. I love my emmersion blender for soups, sauces, ect, but I think it makes the perfect baby food blender since it makes it so smooth!!

8. Baby Sunscreen Spray- Sunscreen comes in all different shapes and forms. I have been using the stick, and the lotion, but honestly, they are hard to put on my squirmy babe. The spray is fast and less temptation to put in his mouth. 

A lot of these are no brainers, but super helpful. Hope these tips help you!

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