Friday, April 22, 2016

six months

Can you believe Jonah is 6 months today?? I can't, its flown by!!! We are just loving having him be part of our family, and cannot imagine our life without him. And him being more active is sooooooo fun! Here's a small little update on our little guy.

He's so adventerous, and I know he's going to be an active one. He rolls from his back to his belly and likes to sleep that way. Scared the life out of me, but then again, I sleep that way too! Thankfully, he knows how to roll for days, so I no longer worry. 

He definitely is my little buddy, and we do everything together. From all our grocery shopping to baking my cakes. 

And each day seems like he's pick up something new. He's absorbing it all.

And of course daddy is completely smitten with him. We love going on hikes with him since he's such an observer. 

But I have a feeling he will be a momma's boy. The way he exhales when he's in my arms or the sweet smiles just make me know that he feels all the love I pour out to him. We are so blessed to be his parents.

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