Monday, April 25, 2016

Watercolor Cake

I was invited by my fun gal pals, Brooke and Summer from The Girls With Glasses to attend their Mother's Day Brunch with a bunch of other cute talented gals. We all contributed to the party, and since I like making desserts, I brought over a bright watercolor cake to go with gal's decor and color scheme. It was so fun to experiment and try a new technique with the cake.

I used 6 color frostings to "watercolor" my cake and used an offset spatula for the effect. The nice thing about this effect is that it doesn't have to look perfect. The texture and the colors is what makes the cake stand out. 

 And here's a closer look of the cake. I loved the outcome because it very much reminded me of watercolor, and the vibrant colors just made me smile. It went so well with the brunch colors too!

It was such a great time and I really enjoyed my time with all these lovely talented gals. They all brought something fun to the party. Check out Megan from Healthy Grocery Girl for her Citrus Salad, and Melanie Ham for her cute hand stitching name tags! I love when gals can all bring their talents to make such a beautiful outcome. And thanks to The Girls With Glasses for hosting such a lovely and yummy brunch for us. It made my first Mother's Day so special! 

Photos by Casey Brodley


  1. Hi Priscilla! Love this cake! Do you use a standard 9" baking pan? It looks a little smaller.

    1. Hey Tiffany! For this cake it's actually a 9 inch pan. For individual tier cakes, I usually do 8-9 inch pans or sometimes I even do 6 inch pans.


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