Monday, August 29, 2016

downstairs bathroom

Last year when we redid our kitchen, we also somewhat redid our bathroom downstairs. It's a tiny guest bath, and we it just needed a bit of an update. We switched the larger tile flooring to hexagon tile and it changed the look quite a bit. This bathroom has gone through a bit of cosmetic change since we first got it.

This is a small glimpse to what our half bath kind of looked like when we first moved in, except that wallpaper was worse in person!! 

The wallpaper in here was so bad because it was placed over another wallpaper design. When I removed the wallpaper, it actually damaged the wall because it was stuck pretty well, and it probably had been on the wall for years!

These are the tiles that I just hated, and we also switched the toiletsince this one was so short and wide! 

And this is our bathroom currently. Simple gray walls, newer toilet, new vanity, and tiles! I feel like it makes more of a difference to what it used to be. I would love to eventually get a new mirror, and change the light right above the mirror as well, and get brighter lighting since this room is pretty dim. But for now, I'm more than okay with where we are now. 

Thursday, August 4, 2016


I just came back from spending a week in Mexico with my whole family. We all decided to go because my grandpa was celebrating his 80th birthday over in his home state of San Luis Potosi. That's where my parents and older sisters were born as well. I actually hadn't been there in 15 years so I knew it would be a whole new experience. Every state, and even city has their own unique vibe. So it was great to explore!

We first arrived to Guanajuato to visit. And that city stole my heart. The vibrant colors and culture are beautiful. 

Then we headed to my family's home state but to another part where it's pure rain forest. It's known as La Huasteca Potosina. It's filled with waterfalls and so much lush greenery. We also went to Sir Edward James' castle in the middle of the jungle. We had quite the vision! His place is filled with natural waterfalls, pools, and surrealist concrete sculptures. Definetly my favorite place we went to in  La Huasteca.  

And we finished our trip with my parents hometown, San Luis Potosi (the capital of San Luis Potosi, the state) We visited the historic centro, which I loved. And we got to visit so much family. We had a family reunion on my mom side. And at my grandpa's 80th birthday, it technically was a family reunion from my dad's side. I also got to see so many old pictures of my grandparents. I love seeing that kind of stuff. I loved exploring the city my parent's grew up in. I sometimes can't believe they left the city they grew up in, and all their family just to give me and my siblings a better life. The selflessness they had is easier to understand now that I have Jonah, and even's hard to grasp. I'm truly grateful for everything I have now, and it's because of them. I cherish this trip, and the fact I got to do it with my whole family. 

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