Monday, October 31, 2016

Our Lumberjack is One!

Hello there! I know, i know...same ol' excuse! But this season in life right now apparently isn't me blogging much. But I thought I'd share a really fun and special day! Jonah turned one! Yay! A whole year we have had the best little guy in our life. We couldn't help but throw him a bash, but not any kind of ordinary bash, A LUMBERJACK BASH! 

I know I won't get many years to do what I want and Jonah will get opinions soon enough, but he's still small so mama got to pick a theme. And since his birthday is right in the middle of fall, and I love me so plaid, so why not! 

The fun thing about Jonah's birthday party was that it landed on his actual birthday! And we weren't sure what were going to do and when I saw these cute invites, I decided then and there to go with a Lumberjack theme. I found these on Etsy. And we figured our house was the route to go with his party. (which meant a lot of work on my end!)

I knew I needed his outfit before I could think of decor! haha! We got his suspenders and hat from H&M, his jeans are from BabyGap, his boots are from Carter's, and his flannel shirt is Cherokee. 

Our snack & cake table. 

Jonah's tree trunk & plaid cake. Then I made a buttercream pancake stack smash cake!

Close up of Jonah's pancake stack smash cake I made for him!

Our backyard! I just got plaid fabric from Joanns as table runner. Added a wooden base with vintage lanterns as a center piece. It was so easy, but totally made the space feel pretty and out doorsy. 

Here's a little corner of the backyard. I made a tent with supplies from Lowe's. Set up a blanket and put some Lincoln Logs for the kids to play with. I also made that felt fire and logs! We also had two jumpers too! 

Cake time! His smash cake was a hit! And only my kid would use a spoon for his cake! Haha! Not as messy as we thought he would have gotten. But he sure made a big dent to the cake! 

Our party favors were simple. S'mores to-go! 

Here's a close up!
"take home s'more fun!" and "so plaid you came!" 

Snacks ! "Don't feed the bears!"

A Chili bar felt appropriate! 

Our Photo Booth area! 

All our props for our photo booth I found on Amazon! 

My siblings & I

And the birthday boy opening his gifts! 

Thanks for stopping by Jonah's first birthday!! We feel so blessed to have been able to celebrate his life. Lord knows how much we prayed for him and now that we have him, we just feel so grateful for his life. 
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