Saturday, February 11, 2017

New Ventures

Hey guys!

Hope your new year has been good so far! It's been a while, but I have not forgotten, I promise!

I did want to share some fun news with you guys...I started a Youtube cake/cupcake decorating tutorial page! It's called Cilla & Vanilla!  Doing something with my love for decorating sweets has been something I've been wanting to do. I just didn't know how to approach it. But doing close up tutorials for people seems like the right direction for me. I always want to teach people how to make their own goodies at home since that's what I do. I want to help people not feel so scared to tackle a cake, and hopefully it will encourage people to try it at their home.  This whole experience is a little scary, and makes me feel vulnerable to be so exposed to the internet, but the ultimate goal is to help others feel confident to take on something they possible thought they couldn't do.

So for my first video, I bring you some pink and gold heart cupcakes and just in time for Valentine's Day! Hope you enjoy! And if you want to continue seeing these videos, please subscribe, and like! Hopefully I can bring a new video to you guys every stay tuned!

xoxo, Priscilla

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