Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Princess Poppy Cupcakes

I'm finally sharing some cake updates! I made some fun cupcakes a couple months ago, and I recently made them again. They are Princess Poppy cupcakes from the movie Trolls! When I first initially made them, I honestly hadn't watched the movie. But I finally saw it and know what all the hype was about....a little late but I'm in the know. Haha!

I did know that Princess Poppy was a fun, sparkly character with this long pink hair. So I wanted to make a cupcake to resemble her. We made an easy tutorial on Cilla & Vanilla, and hopefully that helps any of you trying to make it!

Also, the ones I made recently, I made the hair a little more of a fuchsia, and also added a little bit of some disco sparkly dust onto the hair. You can improvise and do your own thing. The steps are to just let you see the concept of how it's made. Happy baking!

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