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 I'm Priscilla Chang, and I started this blog back in 2012 when we bought our very first house. Big change! It very much started as a house project blog with so many design ideas and renovations I couldn't wait to put out. But this house has been a big inspiration for me to be creative again, and one of the main reasonings behind this blog. Because for a while, I felt like I lost a sense of my creativeness, and I feel like this house gave it back to me. So this blog is my reminder of what I'm capable of. 

Since I love fashion, and interior design, this blog has much of that since it very much represents me as a person.  But being a homeowner really pushed me in that direction of design without ever thinking it would. Good styling just catches my eye. 

Oh, and I am "foodie"(but who isn't really!?) Take me to a place with good food, and I'm one happy gal. Whether it's a food truck, or Michelin star restaurant, I can honestly appreciate good food, am a firm believer in giving bad dishes a second chance. But I mostly love baking. I make cakes as a hobby. You will see those a lot! 

Some little history to me, and how I got to this place I am now. I worked in the restaurant industry for 8 years and hotel industry for about 2 years. Hmmm, wonder where my love for food comes from? Haha! I currently am in a whole different field now. I currently work for a web series, and blog called The Girls With Glasses Show. This fun job has let my creative juices flow even more!

If you didn't get why the Chang in the blog name, it's my last name. Ralph and I have been together since 2007, but married since September 2011. We are having a lot of fun, and just learning from one another. It's pretty awesome to have someone go through the adventures of life with. Oh, and we had our first baby last year. Probably the ultimate change, but loving every minute of it.

This crazy life I got going one is an adventure, but I wouldn't change it. Thanks for tuning in!

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