Our Wedding

I probably have shared our wedding once before on the blog, but it's something I get asked often about so I thought it would be easier for people to look at, and feel like they were there too!!

We got married September 25th, 2011. Were together for 4 years before Ralph asked me to marry him, and we knew wedding bells were in our future! Anyhow, when he proposed in March 2011, we both knew we wanted to get married that year. Summer came to mind, but it was just a little too soon, and not enough time to plan. (and lots of venues were already booked), so we opted for a fall wedding.

I always wanted to get married in the fall. Something about the hot/cool weather gets me every year! But with that, it was kind of a gamble, and a little risk since I knew I wanted an outdoor garden wedding. (that was my must) I searched, and called lots of places. I knew I wanted my work to cater the event (I worked for a catering company so it only made sense) so I had also find a place that would let outsourced caterers. Oh, and more importantly, we were on a budget! We mostly were on a budget because we wanted to save more on our future for a house. And the less of my priority was having an elaborate wedding. So, I decided I would DIY-it. People scared me with the stress of it, but to be honest, it wasn't that bad.

 Finding the location was amazing. I knew as soon as I saw it! The garden was perfect, and so green!
And the reception would be outdoor, right in front of this beautiful house on the large lawn.

I knew decorating would not be so hard since the venue had so much rustic amazing-ness going on.

 The wedding colors I decided on were seafoam green/mint (my favorite color), and a mustard yellow. So I just added little splashes of those colors, and wanted the venue to speak for itself.

 And my dress was my favorite. I had lace, cap sleeves, and keyhole back. And I got it at David's Bridal on sale too.

 As for the center pieces, I went with bird cages. I bought those in a Michael's sort of store for $11 each, and got them professionally spray painted for free by a family/friend. They are my favorite!

  My mom, and my bridesmaids did all the floral arrangements. We went to Downtown Los Angeles' floral mart and got everything the day before. We had gone a month in advance and did a couple practice ones. I spent a total of $150 on flowers for my whole wedding. (including boutonnieres and bouquets) My bouquet was not so hard. I wrapped the bottom with burlap and pinned them with pearl pins! So many youtube videos helped me! (Pinterest didn't exist at the time of planning my wedding...)

I had this idea to get trees with just branches, and hang vintage looking keys with guest names and their assigned table number on tags. I got the trees from downtown LA as well. I got two tree for $25, and the keys I bought through etsy for $12 for a 100 pack.

My wedding ring belonged to my mother-in-law, and we just bought a band that would compliment it well. And my husbands band is a tungsten band. 

 My dad walking me down the aisle. I was so emotional, and filled with joy. I'm glad I don't have my ugly crying face on!

One of my favorite pictures! Ralph went for the kiss!!

These cupcakes were made by my friend, Lana. She made them for me as a wedding present.  Aren't they just lovely? I  wanted to go with a top wedding cake tier for Ralph and I, and cupcakes for the guests.

 And of course, we had a candy bar. The candy was set on top of an old vintage wagon. 

And the tables were set up by my mom. She did such a great job.

Our fun wedding party, and I just loved the green barn in the venue. 

You can see the detail in the boutonniere. I wrapped it with twine. 

What a blissful day! 

Our Goal- $10,000 budget for 100 guests.

Venue- $3000( both reception & ceremony locations & included all rentals. oh, and our wedding was on a sunday and it made the rental slightly cheaper)
Catering-$2250(all appetizers, dinner, and drinks)
Wine Bar-$200 (we bought wines, and our caters served it)
Wedding Dress- $500
Suit- $120
Cake-$0 Gift
Invitations- $50 (invite set from Target) 
Wedding Favors- $0 Gift from my sister-in-laws
Photo Booth- $250 (my sisters paid for half of it- and totally bargained on the booth price)
Flowers- $150
Centerpieces(birdcages)- $110
Guest Table- $70
Photographer-$1250 (she was amazing, and her prices are higher now. but she is so worth every penny)
DJ-$0 (a family friend did it for us as a gift)
Miscellaneous Expenses- $300

Total: $8,500! (underbudget) 

As you can see, the venue, food, and photography were our "splurges", but they were the things that were the most important to us. The venue gave the feel of the wedding so that was something we were okay with spending wise. The catering was such a deal. We got so much yummy food, and amazing serves and got a great discount since it was from my work. And our photographer's work is exactly what I always wanted. She did an amazing job of portraying the wedding, and venue in a way that made it look country/vintage.

I think it is possible to have a wedding on a budget, but the key is budgeting, planning, and doing some things yourself. I personally am very hands on that it was not hard for me to plan. And the knot.com has such a great planning/buget section on their site that was so helpful. Of course after the wedding, you think of things that you would have done differently, but to this day, all I remember was how in love I was with the whole thing and just excited to start my new life with Ralph, all those things didn't even matter.

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